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Picnics in the house

Good morning to all.  Hope that the weekend has started for you and that you have some amazing things planned for it.  Picnics have always been one of the most enjoyable things through the years for me.  Now, I grant you, most picnics are done outdoors.  Sometimes along the roadsides, somethimes on the beach, sometimes in the forest preserves and for me...sometimes in the house. 
It is funny, how no matter how and when you plan a picnic, it is special.  I can remember when I first got married and had children.  Often, I would pack up a picnic basket and we would all jump into the car and hear in whatever direction the car pointed to.  We were on an adventure.  We had found some amazing sights along the way, sometimes it would just be us and nature and of course our picnic basket of goodies. 
Being from a polish background, Polish Sausage was always a safe bet in the basket...Being smoked it with stood the heat.  I would always boil a dozen or so eggs, throw in a large bag of cheese cubes, a bowl of cut up fresh fruit and some bread.  We were good to go. I also included muffins and coffee cakes and cookies for snacks.  Often, we would find a picnic table and just enjoy.  We would pull out the Frisbee or the ball and bat and play. 
It was always fun to get out and enjoy the day, but I have to admit, some of the best picnics that I remember were in my backyard or in my house. 
When the girls were young and we would have an overnighter....often we would spread out a blanket on the floor and pretend we were on a picnic.  Once the picnic was over, the blanket then became our tent over the table and we would be camping.  We would use our flashlights to read comics or books under the table and tell ghost stories. 
As years went by, and my first grandchild arrived, her and I would picnic in the family room.  I would start a fire in the fireplace and we would spread out the blanket on the floor and pull out the hot dog sticks and toast hotdogs on the flames.  I finally bought a grilled cheese maker for the fire place and that was always a nice alternative.  And of course there was always the popcorn popper made especially for an open flame.  We would read books and tell stories by the glow of the fire.  Sometimes we would play outdoor music and pretend that we were picnicking by a babbling brook. 
Now, I have picnicked indoors with friends as well, when the weather was not conducive to being in the great outdoors. 
It really doesn't seem to matter exactly where the location of the picnic needs to be, just that we take the time out to enjoy one.   So take the time, pack a basket and go on an adventure.  Go with your significant other, your children, grandchildren or friends and share in the fun.  Pick a spot.  It won't matter where it is....as long as you share it with someone you love. 

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