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The Red Headed Disaster

Good morning to all .  Hope life is treating everyone well.  Beautiful day once again, although the temperature is on another climb.  I guess I shouldn't complain, since before I know it...the winter will blow it's winds upon us.
Today's blog goes back a very long time ago.  All the way back to when I was 17 years of age.  Theater has always been my passion in life.  Till this very day, nothing soothes this savage beast like a good play.  Not only did I enjoy going to plays, I loved being in them as well.  Back when I was younger, there were so many more theater options to go to than today.  One of my very favorites was the Candlelight Dinner Play House on Harlem Ave on the South side of Chicago.  You could eat your dinner and then watch a play all in the same room.  It was one of the dates that I deemed a favorite.  It is long gone now, but the memories linger on.  I think I saw Man of LaMancha there 4 times.  It was during a time when I was playing the female lead of Aldonza/Dulcinia and just loved watching it over and over again.  Lee Pelty and Delores Rothenberger did a wonderful job in those roles back then.  Well, the reason I have brought up that particular play was because while in rehearsals, I needed to use a very rough and gruff voice for Aldonza.  Even when I sang, the voice that I needed to use had to be rather gruff as well.  While I was in rehearsal for that play, I was auditioning for the lead to Camelot.  I auditioned for Gwenevere.  I remember being on stage for the audition and the director knew that I was in rehearsals for Man of LaMancha and reminded me that the character of Gwenevere was soft and tender.  Tough transitioning for the voice box...but I got the lead.  
I was soon done with Man of LaMancha and had moved onto Camelot.  Now, I remember watching the movie of Camelot with Lynne Redgrave starring as Gwenevere.  I remember how beautiful she was in her long, luxurious red hair and for the life of me, decided that Gwenevere had to be a redhead. 
I had this beautiful long blonde hair at the time and decided that I would color it red.  At the time I bought some sort of hair color that said it would rinse in and rinse out.  Well, I must have been the stereotypical blonde, because I thought that meant one day on and the next day off.  So I took it home and colored my hair.  It was Bright red....let me tell you...Lucille Ball had competition now.  
Now that evening, I couldn't wait until my mother came home from work to see my new hair color.  I was so excited.  I was sure that I now captured the real essence of Gwenevere.  I remember like it was yesterday.  There I stood I the kitchen in my Kelly Green baby Doll pajamas in this flaming red, long flowing hair.  When my mother walked in, I thought she would pass out.  The yelling and screaming that went on.  This was not the reaction I thought I was going to get at all!  She was so upset!  She sat down at the kitchen table and actually started to cry.  I had no idea why...I thought it was gorgeous!  Then the Mother genes kicked in and she insisted that I change it back to blonde.  I was scared at that point.  I had never scene my mother that angry before.  I reassured her that it was only a rinse.  The box said it rinsed in and rinsed out.  I would rinse it out in the morning.  Well, I hate to tell you that it didn't rinse out!  I didn't strip out or bleach out either.  My cousin and I tried everything we could to get the stuff out of my hair...and the only thing that happened was that my hair turned more colors.  I now had bright red on the bottom, Bozo red on the middle section and something closer to a strawberry blonde on the top.  We had done so many chemical treatments to my hair that it was starting to fry.  At that point the only option left was to put a REAL rinse of light brown on my head and continue to do daily hot oil treatments to recondition my hair.  What eventually happened was that I had to have my hair cut off.  I was devastated.  I wore all sort of falls and attachments during the play.  With shorter hair I was able to dye it back to blonde and match it up with the hair pieces. 
 I have through the years still wished that I could have red hair.  There is that inner red headed diva in me...I have dyed it red a number of times, but I always seem to come back to being a blonde...although now a days, it is mostly to cover life's destined color of grey.     

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