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Celebrating Life with a Party

Good morning all my cyber friends.  hope this up and coming holiday weekend will be full of joy and fun.  Be safe!  Be careful.  Be smart.  Last week while I was teaching at the Alzheimer center...I asked the residents what Labor Day means to them.  What is it for?  One answered....it is when people go back to work....she was a teacher!  LOL....others had no idea.  Some said it is time to put away your white shoes. 
I will touch on Labor day over the next few days.  I would love to know your particular thoughts on the holiday! There is a space to comment at the end of each blog...I would love hearing from you...perhaps you will be my muse....and perhaps I will make it amusing.  Sorry...just had to do that....it has been stuck in my head all morning.
Now, on to todays blog. 
Celebrating Life!  Now I have done this every year since birth with a birthday party.  Some wonderful....some I could cry about.  But I love the idea of celebrating one's life.  I have no idea why they ever came up with the silly over the hill stuff.  I suppose it is funny to some...but when you reach that point...shouldn't it be even more of a celebration? 
Well, when my husband turned 50, I wanted to have a party that celebrated his life up to that point, so no black, no over the hill, I decided that since he had changed his life at the ripe age of 48 and became a teacher...we would have a back to school party. 
Now keeping this a secret was no easy task since it was going to be in our home.  I worked on this party for months!  I sent invitations out WAY in advance and asked each person to share a picture of themselves with me from when they were in school.  I promised to return the picture!  I scanned the photos and put the totally opposite of what they might have been attached to it, ex..the person scared  of bugs was most likely to become an Exterminator. 
I did everyone's page and put it into a book form to resemble a yearbook.  I made copies for everyone attending so that they could get it autographed by everyone there.  They were all asked to dress like a student in school.  It was quite funny to see what they looked like.  One gentleman friend wore shorts, black socks with sandals, a printed shirt and had a camera hanging from his neck.  Some of the girls wore plaid skirts rolled up with white blouses.  I rented a nun's costume, since my husband attended Catholic school.  When he came in, at first he had no idea who I was.  I really did surprise him. 
I had boxes hidden all over filled with decorations for each room.  I turned every room into a subject area.  The living room was History...filled with History books, , little plastic soldiers to represent wartime.  The Dining room was done in Geography with maps of the world and the Us.  I had Geography books and National Geographic's spread around.  I had globes and even a small one that wound up and walked across the table.  The Bathroom was the Reading Room with all types of school bulletin board words and expression and comic books to read.  I had put black paper around the rooms on the walls and trimmed it with the trims that teacher use on their bulletin boards.  I had sent with the invitations a report card for every one to fill out and had them hanging in the hallways along with his school pictures through the years. 
The menu was simple...Soup Bar and Sub Sandwiches Pickles of course..  A Twinkie cake and trays of old time candies from the  50's.  It was all written on a chalkboard.   I had a girl and a boy go pass out the milk...I had bought small carton of chocolate and white milk and had a box of straws for them.  I had then in the old time crate like we used to pass them out in Parochial School.  We played silly games.  We had a Bazooka Bubble blowing contest.  A spelling Bee.  It was a blast from the past for sure.  It was hopefully a day to remember for my husband!  It celebrated where he had gone in life at that point.  Not that his life was over the hill and going downward.  There are a lot of traditions associated with birthdays and one of them is that everyone must have a piece of Birthday Cake.  To refuse a piece of cake is symbolic of refusing to share in that person's life.  Well, needless to say, there was no cake left that day.  They all wanted to share in his special day and in his life.  What a tribute!  I think all birthdays should be a Life celebration. We should encourage
the accomplishments that are made.  They are what make us who we are!

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