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It's Labor Day and People are Working?

Good morning to all of my readers and followers.  If this is your first time to this blog...WELCOME....if you are a continuous reader...THANK YOU. 
Today as I sit and ponder Labor Day...I think about what our ancestors had gone through to earn this day off from work.  It is not a day that is for any particular person...male or female...adult or child...yes, children worked long and hard hours years ago...as young and 5 and 6 years of age.  There was a strike, protest, 12,000 men in the armed forces sent in.  Fire and vandalism to acquire this day. 
Through the years, more and more changes to the work day occurred.  In the beginning, a normal work day was 12 hours a day, seven days a week.  We can thank the Jewish population for the change in the Saturday work day.  It began to be a day off because of their religious beliefs.  We can thank Henry Ford  for the 2 day weekend that was changed by him in 1926. 
I remember when I was young that a holiday meant exactly that!  No one worked. There were no gas stations, drug stores, grocery stores, or any other type of business.  You had the time off to be home and with your family.  When I sit here this morning, I have to question the holiday.  I question how many places of business are open, how many people are on the work schedule today?  This was supposed to be an official holiday.  It was signed by President Grover Cleveland.  What happened?  It was celebrated with parades and picnics and BBQ's.  Well, at least for some there are picnics and BBQ's.  But has our society become so greedy that we must work on the one official holiday that is to represent workers of all kinds?  It is an oxymoron that one will work on Labor Day. 
All Americans have earned the right to having this day off.  What happened? 
this was the one day a year where children knew the summer was over...mothers rejoiced that their children would return to school..families and friends gathered and fireworks lighted the skies in celebration.  Officially, this is not the end of summer...but the end of summertime activities. 
It is amusing to me that we have actually reversed the reason for this day that our ancestors fought so hard to receive. Often times, when I review my childhood, I remember this day with fond memories.  A day with family in the back yard.  An evening spent perusing my school bag and the smell of new crayons.  This was the beginning of a new year...who would I meet, what would I learn. Perhaps not all children relished the prospect of returning to school, but for me...it was the beginning of a new adventure.  It was the prospect of where MY labor would begin.
Well, as I look around today, I know that the way life has once again changed.  I too, will go to work, but at least my storytelling today will bring pleasure and enjoyment to those who don't have an option of going out anywhere.  Perhaps they are the fortunate ones.  The residents at the Alzheimer home have their past memories. They remember Labor Day the way it used to be.  Hope you all have the opportunity to take a moment today and reflect on what this day was for! 

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