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Following the Yellow Brick Road

Good morning to everyone.  Hope that your weekend was all that you hoped it might be,.  As I sat thinking about what todays blog should be....The Wizard of Oz kept creeping into my head...so I thought why not!
I remember watching that movie over and over again since I was a young child.  I remember how exciting it was through the years  when my children and I would anxiously await its yearly showing on TV and then finally when the video recorders came out....we could then record it and watch it whenever we wanted to.  The day came when you could buy the video in the store.  That was a movie that went from generation to generation. 
When my eldest granddaughter was 2 she began to watch the movie and at the time she called it the "WIZ A WIZ OF OZ".  We all thought it was so cute!  Although seeing it day after day after day..it began to be something I thought I might never want to see again. 
Years went by when I had not seen the movie and then one day...one of the ladies in my Red Hat Group was going to turn 50.  Now you have to understand that the Red
Hat group is for ladies 50 and older...but you can belong to it even if you are not fifty.  You are then considered a Pink hatter....a lady in waiting!  When you turn 50...we celebrate with something called a REDuation. This is a party where you receive the honor of officially becoming a red hatter.  Many groups do this celebration differently.  There are really no rules as to how to do it.  My personal choice is to celebrate it in a way that the celebrant would like.  Something they love.  Well, Debbie....our pink hatter loved The Wizard of Oz....she collects any and every type of memotabilia...so that was an easy decision.  The party would be The Wizard of Oz Theme.  Each of the ladies were asked to dress like a Munchkin.  Everything and anything for decorations were of the movie...which meant to refresh my memory, I had to pull it out and watch it once again.  I have to say...watching it with a different eye this time gave me a bit more insight.  I was looking to recreate some of the scenes for the party and co-ordinate it all.  I was able to get a stuffed lion...I made the tin man out of cans and he hung on a window.  I had a scarecrow that you would poke in the lawn at Halloween time.  I took a large green plastic tablecloth and with glow in the dark paint, I painted the Wizard of Oz and hung it over the windows with lights behind it.  The living room had lollipops standing all around that I made from painting Styrofoam plates and stapled them back to back over a dowel.  And flowers were everywhere...and in the center of the room was the yellow brick road that I drew the bricks on over the plastic tablecloths. The appetizer table was done in the wicked witch style with the punch served out of a large cauldron.  Witch hats and shoes were present along with the appetizers.  In the dining room, the table was set with pictures of faces of each of the women in the group with their face superimposed over one of the characters In the movie.  I used a sheer fabric that looked like a rainbow and it bellowed over the table.  The food all represented the movie.  The main dish was the old type layered sandwich loaf that I created into the tree shape...I frosted it with cream cheese tinted brown to create the bark look...tucked in ends of celery to create the leaves and tucked in baby tomatoes to create the apples.  I used sliced olives to create the eyes and mouth.  There were layered
Jello in clear cups with cool whip on the top and a blue bird on a toothpick placed in  the middle to represent somewhere over the rainbow. 
The best was that each girl was to entertain her with some type of song from the movie.  We had such an amazing night. 
The yellow brick road had represented the roads we travel.  When I had considered it from the movie...Dorothy had encountered many difficult moments along that road...had met some unbelievable characters along the way as well, that helped her get through the tough times and encounters.  That sort of represented who we, as friends are. Along the way, the path, the yellow brick road...we encounter hard and difficult times, and these strangers who had joined the group have been there to help each other through those times.  The celebration of the night was like meeting Oz.  The red hat represented the moment of going home.  The gifts were symbolic to those received from the Wizard.  All of us there had the heart....we all cared about this girl.  The brain was all the thought put into everyone's outfit and was to celebrate what this gathering was all about.  And the Courage was represented in the way each girl stood and performed because our their love for this woman.  Somewhere over the rainbow...there's a land that we dream of.....and its called the gift of friendship....but to achieve it...we must first follow the Yellow Brick Road. 

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