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My Blog

Murder on the Backyard Grill

Good morning.  Today is going to be a hot one here in the Chicago land area.  I wish I could say that I am going to stay indoors and never leave, but today I have a gathering to attend.  I have plenty of things on my table to keep me busy with.  As a painter, there is always a number of projects going.  Most people don't start thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving...I on the other hand, think of it all year long. 
My weekend is full with a number of jobs and events so I need the week to accomplish all that can be done at home.
Today's blog is about Murder.  Don't get too excited...I didn't commit any!  It goes back in time more than 25 years ago.  We lived in a standard brick bungalow in Chicago.  It was a busy street but not a mane street.  It was the type of street that everyone used to avoid all the traffic on the main streets. 
One summer day, all was quiet in the neighborhood, when suddenly out of the stillness, we heard the sounds of sirens blaring past our home.  Now, an occasional sound of a police car was not all that unusual, but this particular day there were numerous ones.  I finally went to the front windows to see what was going on.  I noticed that the police cars were all stopped across the street from my home about 4 houses down.  There were police officers everywhere with their guns pulled.  Now the neighborhood I lived in was quite peaceful...this was definitely not the type of activity that was a normal occurrence.  By now many of the neighbors had gathered outside to try to figure out what in the world was going on.  Now that I think of it...that wasn't the brightest thing to do!  But, there we all were gazing down to were the gathering was.  None of us were about to go down there. But we just waited and watched.  Eventually, they took away the man that lived there in handcuffs.  Escorted him into the squad car, and drove off.  The other squad cars remained. More squads came by now and a coroners car as well.  We now knew that something horrible has happened. None of the neighbors had heard any gun shots...so we still wondered what was going on. This went on for at least an addition hour, when finally all the cars left leaving only the crime scene tapes across the home. 
Now the house was set to the back of the property so nothing was really all that visible unless you were directly across the street from it. 
Once all the hub bub was done, we finally found out what had happened. 
The home was occupied by a married couple.  the wife worked in a hospital and was at work when her husband and a friend had decided to grill and have a few beers.  Well, no one is quite sure what had happened between the husband and the wife, but when she arrived home from work, a fight between the two had ensued.  The next thing you knew, he had grabbed a knife and stabbed his wife to death...but if that wasn't horrible enough, he not only had stabbed her...he cut her up into many pieces.  In fact, it was said that the officers had to search for the pieces throughout the house the yard and even on the grill. 
The best that we all could speculate was the man had gone insane.  No one in their right mind could commit such a heinous crime.  The house remained empty for many years.  We had moved out of the neighborhood before it ever sold.  I often will drive that road and past that home and wonder whether there is any paranormal activity there.  We never did find out what happened to the husband...I hope he was locked up for his lifetime.  That poor girl and whatever family she had.  Luckily there were no children.  I couldn't even imagine how they would be able to continue in a normal lifestyle after something as horrible as that.  It just goes to show you that even in the nicest of neighborhoods, you never know what is behind closed doors, or what can happen.  Today, I bow my head in silence for a soul who was taken by the hands of someone who she thought loved her.    These sort of crimes happen every day...we read about it all the time, .but when it happens in your own back yard....that is what makes it real! 

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