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Jello an Era gone by the Wayside

Good morning to everyone.  I hope this is the beginning of a great weekend for you.  Today's blog is a Jello.  Today Jello does not seem to be an integral part of a day in a families life.  Nor does it happen to be the absolute for a dinner party. 
As far back as I can remember, Jello was an absolute must for almost everything.  It still remains to be that way for me and for most of the older generation.  If you listen to the old radio shows, Jello was one of the sponsors.  Don Wilson on the Jack Benny show would always talk about Jello and the wonderful 6 flavors.  There was even a song about J E LL O .....
There were cookbooks galore using Jello from salads and meals along with desserts. 
Growing up, my Aunt Honey was known for her Jello molds.  Whenever there was an occasion, that was the dish she always brought.  My absolute favorite of hers was on in three layers using cherry, lime and yellow.  There were pears and pineapple, cherries and cream cheese in it.  It was not only delicious but very pretty.  My mother made one that was with lemon jello, melted marshmallows and coconut and cream.  Grandma's contained ice cream.  I had another Aunt who made it with Mogan David Wine and dark cherries.  
I have made all sorts of Jello molds for events.  I especially love to include them in our Red Hat Events were everyone enjoys them...probably because we all come from the same era.  If my daughter were to have a party.. this would definitely not be on the menu...it just is not thought of. 
Jello was also the standby for when you got sick...even in the hospital you were given Jello on the liquid diet...although that was nothing special, but it always tasted good. 
Growing up, I remember how my mother and grandmother displayed the copper Jello molds on the wall as decoration.  The entire soffits of the kitchen were filled with them.  I have 2 kitchens  in my home and use the second kitchen to display those same molds.  I remember how sturdy they were...how much you had to go through to try to unmold them.  Hold water, knives run around the edges.  You had to make sure to lightly grease the mold before you put any Jello in or you might just be in trouble during the unmolding process.  Today you can buy molds from plastic.  The Jello company sells them, especially at the holiday season.  We have gone through the wreaths and trees for Christmas, the eggs for Easter...ever jelly bean molds.  At Easter a friend brought a beautiful crystal bowl filled jello jelly beans in all different colors. 
Yesterday, I saw the newest mold for the football and basketball season. 
When I walk through a store today...I cannot believe how many flavors there are....poor Don Wilson would really have a long commercial if he had to name all the new flavors. Currently there are 31 flavors.   
I remember growing up, our neighbors were struggling and the mom couldn't really afford much for the kids.  Grandma used to tell me that to give them a treat..the neighbor would use Jello in water to make a flavored drink for the kids.  There was no way she could afford anything else. 
Jello even made its way into the bars and adult parties with Jello-shots. 
There is even a Jello Museum in Leroy, New York.  Jello has been a staple and has been around since 1845 and became really popular during the Victorian Era.  It may come in snack packs for kids. It may not be as popular for the dinner parties today...but it is still my all time favorite snack and dessert.  My all time favorite is still the Black Cherry and Cherry.   I still recreate some of my families favorites for parties and hope that the new generation will rediscover this wonder tradition.    Remember..."There's always room for Jello".

2 Comments to Jello an Era gone by the Wayside:

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Linda Kinnaman on Sunday, September 15, 2013 8:06 AM
I love jello! I used to make it for my kids and for parties too. It lends itself to creativity so easily. Who doesn't love a wobbling bowl of yummy goodness?!?
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essay wrting service best on Saturday, July 1, 2017 5:01 AM
Jello an era gone by the wayside,way for me and for most of the older generation,keep it up with this thestoryspinners blog. Better absolute salads favorite contained ice cream with the lemon jello.
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