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Chicken Pox and a Birthday Surpise

Good morning to all of my readers.  I was sitting here this morning and wondering about what to write on the blog and yesterdays conversation with my daughter last night gave me the idea.  My poor sweet, youngest daughter has chicken pox.  She started with the usual fever and then out came the pox.  It is amazing to me how this one affliction continues on.  When my daughter sent me the picture to help identify it, instantly it brought back memoires.  Fortunately, she does not have them on the face, although that doesn't lessen the irritation and the itching any less.  I instructed her as to using a baking soda bath and the typical calamine lotion. 
I remember back when my daughter got chicken pox.  It was in the month of May, many moons ago, she broke out in the absolute worst case I had ever seen.   She had them on every part of her body.  They were on the bottom of her feet making it difficult to walk, she had them all over her face and also her neck.  There was one pox on her neck that was so huge it looked the bolt that you saw on Frankenstein's face.  Now if that wasn't bad enough, she even had them in the gums of her mouth.  It was awful.  No matter what we could put on the outside of her body...there wasn't anything that we could do to treat her gums.  I had her gargle with baking soda water, but that was the extent of what could be done.  It was hard not to laugh as she attempted to walk across the room with all the pus marks all over her feet.  I watched carefully over my younger daughter, waiting for the pox to appear...but it never happened.  I couldn't believe that one daughter could escape the disease with her sister so badly infected.  But escape she did. 
The worst about thing about that time was that it was during her birthday.  You know how all children love their birthday and how difficult when they are 12 and have the bodies covered in red pussy pox.  We still had a party for her with the immediate family and grandparents.  But not having a child's party was such a bummer.  I wanted to help lighten the mood a bit, so I decided to make a funny cake.  My daughter still reminds me to this day how displeased she was with my design. 
I had made a double layered cake frosted in a flesh tone frosting.  I piped in her beautiful blue eyes, her gorgeous blonde hair that I piped into ponytails, and a gorgeous little pinkish red shade of lips...then I used red hot candies and put them all over the face and took a thermometer from her child's. doctor kit and stuck it in her mouth.  I though it was so cute and appropriate....come on...how many opportunities would you have to make that type of birthday cake.  She of course was not amused.  I really didn't get it?  How could you not laugh about it?  It wasn't like there were all her friends from school there.  It was just the immediate family!  But till this day she reminds me how terrible it made her feel.  I guess she didn't inherit my sense of humor. .

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