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An Angel On A Trip to DisneyWorld

Good morning to everyone.  I hope your week is going fine.  It is hump day....so not much left till the weekend comes again.  For me...weekends are when I really have to work.  For anyone in the Chicago land area...especially if you have small children.  On Saturday, between 6 and 8 P.M.  I will be performing out at Wagner Farms in Glenview Illinois by the large bonfire.  Moms, dads, grandma's and grandpas...this is a great place to take the kids for a nice autumn evening.  The cost is very minimal and they get a hayrides, smores, farm touring and stories all in one place.  It doesn't get better than that.  If you are out there...stop by and introduce yourself. 
Well, on to today's blog.  About 11 years ago, I made my first trip to Disney World.  I took my granddaughter and daughter who was pregnant with her 2nd child to Florida.  We took the plane and upon arrival some friends who lived there, picked us up and drove us to lunch and then dropped us off at the hotel.  We checked in and then my friends took us on tour of the area. The next day, the kids and I went to Disney World.  I purchased the hopper tickets.  We were to be there for 4 days, so we would see everything we could.   Being that my daughter was pregnant, one of the first things I did was to rent a wheelchair.  She had difficulties in the pregnancy and I didn't want to take any chances.  Once I did what I had to do and return with the wheelchair, my daughter didn't want it.  Frustrated, but knowing not to try to argue with her, I returned the chair and got my money back.  Walked back to where they were waiting, only to realize that I had left my purse on the back of the wheelchair.  Now I had about $1, 000.00 in cash in it.  Talk about panic.  When I went back to the chair rental, there it was still attached to the back of the chair.  Talk about a blonde moment....or I might say white, since both my face and my hair turned that color!
We met up with our friends in the Crystal Palace for lunch.  My friend Larry wanted to treat us to lunch so that my granddaughter could have lunch with the characters.  Bless his heart.  We had a wonderful time, but by the end of the lunch, I noticed my granddaughter was not up to par.  We bid them goodbye and went to get her into her stroller.  By now, when I touched her forehead, I realized that she had a fever.  We went to the first aid area to get some Tylenol.  We decided after a bit to leave and get on the shuttle and spend the day back at the hotel.  We thought it was just a one day deal.  By the early evening she was vomiting and now so was my daughter.  She had a fever as well.  The next morning, they were both sick.  I called for a cab and took them both to an emergency doctor's office.  We got meds for them, got them back to the hotel and into bed.  By that afternoon...I began to feel sick now.  I called home to my dr. to get some type of antibiotic.  She said she would call it in.  Later that day, I realized now that we were never going to be able to have enough time to use all the hopper tickets I had purchased.  I also realized that we may not be able to get on a plane as well.  I called and changed the plane tickets, which of course cost me a small fortune.  I added on some extra days at the hotel, and by now, I was raging with a fever and needed to get to the drugstore.  I originally had rented a car, but cancelled it when I realized that the hotel had a shuttle back and forth to the parks.  My friends lived 40 minutes away from where we were staying, so I wasn't about to call them to drive in to get medicine for me.  They didn't have a delivery service, so I called for another cab.  When I got in the cab, I directed the man to drive me to the Eckerd and while on the way, he asked me about my trip and of course, I explained how well it had gone so far.  When we got to the drug store, I instructed him to please wait while I went in to get the prescriptions.  While inside, the pharmacist said the drugs were not ready and I would have to wait.  I hate to tell you the thoughts that went through my head during that 35 minute wait.  I did return once to the cab to tell him to continue to wait.  With each stroke of minutes my mind flashed to what it would cost me for this particular cab ride.  I finally got the medicines and by now my fever was way up...I was loaded with meds and bottles of ginger ales and soups to make in the microwave, I got back into the cab for the ride back.  When the cab pulled into the circle by the front door, I reached into my purse and pulled out my wallet.  I couldn't even surmise what the bill for that ride was going to be.  When I asked the gentleman how much I owed him...he responded with "no charge!  just take care of yourself and your family and God Bless you!" 
I couldn't believe my ears.  I gave him good tip and thanked both him and God. 
I believe that that night, God had sent me an angel.  He may have looked like a normal man...drove a taxi...but was an angel indeed. 
We were able to spend the rest of our time in Disney World and use all the hoppers, but aside from all the wonders I had seen, nothing compared to the wonder of that dark night in the taxi driven by a stranger who was filled with the compassion and grace of God.

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