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Appreciation....Who Is It For?

Good morning...wow...what a storm that rolled through this town last night.  I don't even recall such a long period of hail falling in one timeframe.  The windows of my home were shaking from both the thunder and the winds.  Fortunately no lights went out, although they did flicker.  I heard on my weather alarm about areas being hit that I have never heard before.  I heard about the shoreline in Chicago getting hit, Navy Pier, Lincoln Park, University of Illinois, and even Soldier Field.  I am hoping that anyone in those areas are doing alright this morning. 
Now, today's blog.  I am approaching a point in my life when I am curious as to what is important to people.  I question what do people really stop and appreciate.  Who do they appreciate and is it a never ending appreciation or just a momentary one. 
It is a confusing question and most confusing thought.  I think that appreciation sometimes is instant, sometimes unnoticeable until later in life, and question whether sometimes  does it come too late. 
The  most important thing about appreciation that filtered through my head this morning is does it matter more to you or to the other person?  Does it matter to you that you get appreciation all the time for things you do or do you just do it for your own appreciation of doing it? 
If you perhaps know someone needs something and donate things...do you do it for the thank you's or do you do it because you are appreciative in your own right that you are able to do it and help? 
When you have a dinner party...are you expecting everyone to ooooh and awww over your table, or are you pleased with yourself that you are able to make that moment special for those people that are attending. 
I once, a very long time ago....had a shower for someone.  Now, I am truly the A type personality where everything needs to be perfect down to the littlest of details.  I was 9 months pregnant at the time and spent weeks getting ready.  Days preparing and hours that went into the wee hours of the morning finishing up with every little detail.  The question here would be whether I was expecting any appreciation out of it.  A comment was made to me by my husband....who by the way, thought I was totally insane for doing all that work!  He said to me, "I don't get it...what is all the big deal about?  No one is going to pay any attention to all of this....it is food...they are just going to eat it!".  Well, bless his non-understanding heart!  It was for me.  It was my mirror.  It was my reflection.  My appreciation for what I could give and what I could do.  I didn't expect anything but for the girl to have a great memory and a good meal.  All the rest was for my own satisfaction!  My  own appreciation of the knowledge of what I could do for another human being. 
Now, here is the funny part.  A few days later...I gave birth to my daughter.  While I was in the hospital, those were the days when insurances would pay for 3 days and you could rest, my husband brought me my mail from home.  In the mail was a thank you note from one of the girl's Aunts.  She wanted to thank me for the all the things that I had done to make such a memorable day.  She specified all the details with the food, the decorations.  All the fine details that were done.  I passed the note to my husband to read.  I tried to explain to him that even though he didn't think it made any difference to anyone...someone indeed had noticed and appreciated it aside from me. 
I think that when we appreciate what we done it just automatically shows outward. I never expected such a lovely note.  I was happy with what I had done. 
I appreciate that I am able to give of myself to those in need when I can.  I appreciate that God gave me a spirit within that allows me to give openly and freely.  When we give, we give not only of ourselves, we give God' blessings.  Some might call it paying it forward.  Appreciation is simple.  Appreciation is the smile on a child's face when you make their favorite dessert.  Appreciation is the mile ion a grandparent's face when you take the time to sit and listen and share your day with them. Appreciation comes in many ways...they don't need to be written down or said.  Appreciation for me, comes from within myself for a job well done. 

2 Comments to Appreciation....Who Is It For?:

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Jeanni on Thursday, September 19, 2013 7:14 PM
Dearest Debi.... I remember way back when I was in 8th grade, and at that time tradition where I lived called for 8th graders to have an autograph book which they passed around for friends to record special messages. My Mom had gotten ahold of my book and wrote me a message that I still remember to this day. The message was that any task I undertake, I should always strive to do. my best. I will never know how well I can do something unless I give it all my best effort. There is never any shame if I truly do my best, yet for some reason make a mistake, for to learn from one's mistakes is the best thing that I can have happen. Sometimes (many times) I do not cut myself enough 'slack' in what I may try to achieve. The appreciation for my efforts may not come from the intended source, but rather from a unique point from which I never expected.....just like you experienced with this shower. One thing I have learned is to never let the opportunity pass where I do not take a moment to let someone know that they are appreciated greatly in my life. Thank you ever so much for reminding me how blessed I am because I have had you (and Stan) in my life! Hours of talking, laughing, shed a few tears, learning so very much about so many things because of you two. LUB!
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April on Thursday, September 19, 2013 8:24 PM
I appreciate YOU!!!
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