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Fall or Autumn...which is it for you?

Good morning....I apologize for not having the chance to blog yesterday.  Such a long and very busy day.  Began my morning teach an art seminar for my painting chapter which began early in the morning out in Bartlett, Illinois and then I had to get home change and pack the car to be ready for a performance at Wagner Farm last night. The performance ended at 8, and of course, by the time everything gets broken down and carted back to the car it was close to 9.  Dinner finally came shortly after.  By the time I got home...the exhaustion finally kicked in.  My voice is in farm mode at the moment...Quite HORSEY!  LOL. 
Well, today is the fist day of Autumn.  It made me wonder why this is the only season with 2 names.  It is under both the names of Fall and Autumn.  That must mean it  very special or hard to describe.   This thought raced through my head until I finally had to research it. 
Well, here was a revelation....It initially was called Harvest...talk about a confused season, no wonder it blushes reds.  It really is not sure what to be called.  Turns out that at one point in time the British termed it Autumn and the Americans called it Fall.  Seems that the word fall was shorter and more accepted by the Americans.  Some say because they relate it to the leaves that Fall. In the Chinese culture, Autumn represented adversity. 
I had to sit back a moment and reflect on those thoughts.  Adversity...meaning difficult, lending to hardships.  Pretty hard word for such a beautiful array of color.  But when I though of its transition to winter....it began to make more sense.  It is a time that death approaches the seasons.  I would compare it to the ages of perhaps 50-75.  It is a time when in our lives we are most appreciative for what the world and the earth has given.  It is a time when we approach the end of our glorious time of life.  I am not saying that after 75 it is over.  That is our slow down time only...but in reality...our approaching end and awaiting our rebirth.  I think in life we begin to feel the losses in those years.  We have begun to let go of children...many of us have become empty nesters.  Our physical bodies have begun to take on a radical change.  Both physically and hormonally.  It is similar to the change of colors in the leaves.  What we need to do is to enjoy the splendor and beauty that transpires during those times. When I think about the falling leaves it makes me think that it is a time when the season gives back and nourishes the earth.   For me, I feel we are alike in nature.  During these years, we too give back with lessons to our family, friends and children.  We try to fill their lives with the knowledge that we have leaned and nourished throughout  the years.  We are given more nods of acceptance for having gotten to that point in our lives, the same I think it is with Fall.  It is it's time for show it's glorious beauty.  It makes sense that they once called it Harvest.  Time to store up and prepare for the hardships of winter. It reminds me of the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper.  The Ant spends all it's time gathering and preparing for the cold and hardships of the winter...while grasshopper just lollygags around enjoying life without any regard as to winters approach.   Once winter has come, grasshopper has finally realized he shouldn't have wasted all his time and shouldn't have made fun of the ant in his work to become ready.  Most of us spend a lifetime preparing.  Some just want to enjoy and not be concerned with what is to come later.  Seems to me that both should learn a lesson from each other.  The Ant, of course was smart and ready, yet he should have realized it just as beneficial to take just a bit of time to enjoy what is there.  The grasshopper should have taken some time to have been aware that he needed to not spend all his time laying back and not being prepared,.  The Grasshopper, finally goes to Ant for some help after realizing he was not prepared and of course the Ant helps him out, but only once, because the grasshopper needs to learn his lesson.  Fall, I feel, is like our reminder to enjoy the beauty, yet to be prepared for the harshness that is on the horizon and be ready.  Show our beauty and share the harvest with others.  Revel in it's glorious splendor of life before it is gone. 
They say that you are drawn to the season in which you are born.  I know that my birthday approaches within the week and Fall is my favorite time of the year. 
We all, sometimes forget to stop and capture it's beauty and for me...fall is the most busiest time of the year.  One year as I was dropping off items at the Grove for the Big craft show, I stepped out of my car and stepped into a pile of autumn leaves.  I stopped and thought to myself.. "When  did this happen?"  How did I allow myself to be lost in the work like ant and not taken any time like grasshopper to enjoy the what was there?  That was a reality check for me.  Life is complicated....why do we allow it to become even more so.  Take the time to go out and look at it's splendor, soak in the colors that are so glorious.  It is a season like no other.  Harvest the time spent.  As I ponder back in time, I noticed that in these years of my life, I am like fall...I am giving back to the community, friends and family.  How about you?      

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