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A Trip Up North To Minocqua Wisconsin

Good morning.  Wow..the chill is in the air this morning.  There is something about a brisk morning that makes you want to stay in bed under the blankets.  Well, as much as I would have loved to do that...I am up and running.  I am hoping that today I find some energy to get things rolling again.  I hate when things knock me down a peg and I have to refresh to get it going once again.  I spent yesterday repeating..."I need to learn about limits"   Sometimes, I believe I can be my worst enemy. 
Well, onto today's blog.  I considered numerous subjects to write about. I finally decided to write about a trip that we took up north.  It was just the beginning of fall.  The children were still young and we were on one of those trips where you got into the car with a suitcase and destination was unknown.  I know today that most would never think about that type of trip.  With all the available price search engines that you can use you pin point where you are going and plan an itinerary, but back in the days when our children were young, we just packed a bag and got in a car and asked the kids to just point in a direction.  Crazy, perhaps, but we always found something interesting to see. 
So this particular vacation led up north through Wausau Wisconsin into Minocqua Wisconsin.  We had been to Minocqua a few times before.  A charming up north town filled with charm.  My absolute favorite place to go was the Christmas Chalet.  It was filled with some of the most unusual and gorgeous ornaments. If I had my druthers, I would probably spend the whole day there...to the chagrin of my family.  Well, we decided to stop at a favorite restaurant for  dinner on the lake.  There was this wonderful restaurant we loved called Bosacki's.  We ate off the buffet which was fantastic and then began our trip back towards home, only when we got the car started..the headlights were out.  Not just one, but both of the them.  It was too late, plus it was a Sunday night, so we had no option but to try and find a hotel room till morning when we could get the lights fixed.  Well, fortunately in town on the lake there was a hotel with one room left.  They apologized because it was their smallest room.  We had visions of nightmares dancing through our heads as well plunked down the money...no credit cards back then, and received the key to the room.  We opened the door to the room and our mouths dropped open.  It was an unbelievable room.  More deluxe than we had ever stayed in before.  It was a two level room.  Bedrooms were upstairs.  On the main floor were a dining and kitchen area, plus a plush living room.  We felt like royalty!  We couldn't imagine that they were apologizing for the room...we then wondered what the other rooms were like.  The kids had a blast running around up and down the stairs.  We pulled out the deck of cards and gathered around the dining room table and played some 500 Rummy. Then turned in for a good nights rest.  As my head hit the pillow I prayed that the money would hold out.  With having the extra expense of car lights, and the hotel...I worried about the return ride home.  Back in those days, we didn't have any credit cards to rely on. 
Well, the next morning, after breakfast we were able to get the new car lights put in, and began our journey home.  We had filled up the car with gas and afterwards we had about $5.00 left for the trip home.  We had some lunchmeat in the cooler and bread.  We stopped along the way and picked up some cheese strings and jerky sticks and the ride home was great.  We had an adventure.  We did a little fishing, saw some interesting places, enjoyed the color change in the trees and most of all, we just enjoy the time together. 
I often wonder as the years have now raced by, whether the children remember those days.  We of course never shared with them how concerned we had become about the finances during the trip, but it taught us an extra lesson of being more prepared for the unexpected to occur.  That's what life does.  It gives you surprises along the way. In an odd sort of way..they are all good.  Today as I sit and recall those days, it brings both a smile and a tear to my eyes.  I miss those days when the children were young and so were we.  I know that when you have children you are supposed to be the adults...well, by the age you are, but by the heart...you are still a kid.  You haven't had enough time to become cynical or hard.  As we grow older, somehow our ideals and concepts of things change.  I guess it's that school of hard Knox that we attend that makes it change.  When I look back, I wouldn't have changed a thing.  We used to go on adventures  looking for hidden treasures...when all the treasure we ever needed was right there in the car the whole time. 
If you have never taken a journey like that...try it...get in the car and choose a direction and turn on the engine.  Stop and see the country, one surprise at a time.  You'll never regret it.  In fact, you may choose to do it a little more often. 

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