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Honeymooning Adventure

Well, good morning to all my friends.  As I sit here today..I thought about how I  just recently celebrated 39 years of marriage.  Boy, have things changed....and especially me. 
I started to look back over the years and with yesterday being the first day of autumn, I thought perhaps that would be the topic for today's blog. 
I was married on the last day of summer.  So our next day was spent with family and we left for our honeymoon on the following day.  We were going to Mackinaw Island and we had a room in the Grand Hotel.  We knew we needed to catch the only ferry scheduled for the day.  It was a long drive in the middle of the night.  It was pouring rain outside. At the time, I drove a small white Chevy Vega and it started hydroplaning along the way.    It was a scary drive but we made it to the dock with just a few minutes to spare. 
Now most couples are able to go on their honeymoon undetected by others around...but not us.  Here we were...I was 19 and my husband was 26 and when arrived on this charming island, we were surrounded by nothing but Senior Citizens on a Bus Tour.  Everywhere we went, they pointed and starred.  It was odd to have that much attention brought upon us. 
People pointed and ooohed and awed every where we went. From fudge shops to the Fort to the hotel...we were always the center of attention.
The Grand Hotel was a beautiful hotel...we  were fortunate enough to have had the Bridal Suite. The regulations of the hotel were that no one was allowed even on the grounds with out formal wear after 5 P.M.  Even that rule made me uncomfortable at the time.  Not the formal wear....but what someone 19 years old  might wear is a whole different ball game compared to what a 60-80 year old would wear.  The one thing that was fun was that all the places that the younger crowds might be...were empty. 
One day, we were in town, and there was a haunted house to go to.  An odd thing, I know...but it was there and let me tell you...it was probably the scariest haunted house I had ever been to.  I am not sure whether it was because we were the only ones in it or whether it was just that scary.  My husband has ever since refused to go into one of those haunted houses.  One of the rooms had all these doors and you had to choose one.  Well, our choices were not so great that day. There was a monster behind each one and they would step out after you.  If we didn't have white hair to match the seniors before we went in that house...we sure had it after we left. 
The one thing that excited me was the swimming pool on the Grand Hotel grounds.   The Esther Williams Swimming Pool is named after the actress and competitive swimmer who starred in the 1947 movie "This Time for Keeps",  was filmed at Grand Hotel. Well,  just the thought of being in the same pool as her was so exciting to me. I was an "I Love Lucy" moment.  I donned my swimsuit and went down to the pool.  No one else was there...of course it was empty...it was the end of September for goodness sakes.  The water was quite cold ,but I was determined to get in there so that  I could say that I swam in the same pool that Ester had.  I slowly began my entry.  I swam all of 2 minutes and briskly exited....but I did it....I swam in the same pool  When I look back, I just have to laugh at myself! 
Well, the Island was wonderful.  I would love to revisit there some day...only to  know that now,  I will be the senior on the island .  How fast that time went.  The rest of the trip was lovely.  The trees in the upper peninsula were a palette full of autumn's delightful colors.  We went around the upper peninsula and came back down through the Wisconsin Dells.   We  were gone for 2 weeks.
As I sit here reminiscing about the time there, I cannot believe that' so many years have gone by.  I ponder whether the rules of the hotel have changed.  It was an awesome experience to have dinner music in those days with a live orchestra.  Everyone is their finest wear.  It was as though we were in a movie.  The grandeur was surely captured there. Perhaps that was the reason that they named it the Grand Hotel, not just for it's size but for the feeling that it's sense of elegance gave you.  In today's world, I think that we have lost some of the charm and elegance that was so prevalent back in those days.  Today, the idea of well dressed is a good pair of jeans with a nice top...really?   To have entertainment that was more than the stereo system was a touch of class that has become a part of the past.  To see a beautiful torch singer in a dream like evening gown was pure pleasure as she sang her melodies to the audience....perhaps it is just  me...still wishing for those amazing moments in time. But at least I had the opportunities and those special moments. I am sorry that the new generation of young people don't have a clue as to what they are missing.  

2 Comments to Honeymooning Adventure:

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Phyllis Kohnke on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 9:22 PM
Hi Deb! First off, happy anniversary!!! We have something in common. Wayne & I also went to Mackinac Island for our honeymoon. I, also, was 19,Wayne was 21. Unfortuantely, we didn't stay at the Grand. We stayed at the Windemere Hotel. I think it was probably made into the spook house you mentioned when it came Halloween time. We enjoyed a couple days there but then found that we were bored. I was underage & the even action was lacking. So, we drove several hours south and ended up spending the better part of our honeymoon at my parents cottage at the lake. The same one we have now. You're experience really trumps ours and I'm happy for you.
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Debi Gajewski on Wednesday, September 25, 2013 7:42 AM
LOL....that is such a coincidence. Funny, we only spent a week there and the rest was on the road.

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