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My Blog

Death In The House

Good morning.  Hope all is going well for everyone.  Yesterday was a very busy day, but so enjoyable.  I got to have an early dinner with great friends and then spend the evening in front of the fire pit, soaking in the glow and conversation.  It amazes me how tranquil sitting in front of a fire can be.  I really needed to be working, yet the peace overcame me instead.  Good decision I think. 
Today's blog is a rather serious, yet funny topic.  Perhaps not at the time, but this story has given us plenty of laughter later. 
11 years ago.  My mother-in-law had become very sick.  She had 3 small holes in her stomach and was bleeding out.  I had her in the hospital, where they did tests which discovered the holes.  they decided not to cauterize since they were too small.  They just took her off her meds which was causing the bleeding.  Now a couple of weeks had gone by.  She was at home and was bed ridden.  I was in charge and did all I could to keep her well fed and as comfortable as possible.  We expected a full recovery...we just knew that it took time. 
One morning, it just so happen that I wanted and had planned to go somewhere, my husband was home until noon from school that day and my daughter would return from an appointment before he was to leave...so all our bases were covered so that she would not be alone.  This was mandatory. 
That morning a technician arrived to work on our internet.  Our mainframe at the time was in an annex next to the Dining Room.  The gentleman was working away.  I had just come out of the shower and was getting ready to leave when I thought I would wake up mom and see if I could fix her something for breakfast before I left.  She didn't like how her son cooked.  when I walked over the threshold of the bedroom, I knew instantly that she was no longer with us.  She had passed away.  I immediately ran to her side only to feel her hand and knew that it had been a number of hours since she had passed away.  Now I had to break the news to the  rest of the family.  My husband thought I was joking...imagine...why would any one joke about something so serious?  We were all in total shock. 
Now, being that this was unexpected....we had no idea of what to do next.  She had been gone at least 4 hours to my knowledge.  We sat down at the Dining room table...forgetting that the technician was there working on the internet.  We started to discuss what to do with the body like it was an ordinary daily conversation.  I didn't know who to call..do you call the undertaker...do you call an ambulance...I mean she was already dead?  We didn't even have any idea as to what funeral home to use.  As we sat there discussing the subject, we decided to call the undertaker and let him advise us.  He then told us to call the police.  That was the next call I made and within 5 minutes the ambulance and the police had arrived.  They finally removed the body in the body bag. 
All this time, this poor gentleman was in the house...unobserved by us.  At one point he tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to sign his paperwork.  His face was quite pensive as I stared into his eyes.  I finally realized this poor man had gone through probably one of the most unusual house calls he had ever been on.  When I sat back and thought about my attitude and statement about what to do with the body, I cannot imagine what must have been rolling around in his head. 
At the time, we were just trying to deal with the shock of it all, and this poor guy had a front seat to it all.  I am sure he must have told this story over and over again as his lifetime horror story. 
You never know what to expect in life from moment to moment.  I am sure he will never forget that day any more than we do. 
As for mom, she died at home which she had always said was where she wanted to be when the time came.  The last time I spoke to her was at 4:44 A.M.  when I took her to the bathroom and put her back into bed for one last time.  She is now resting with angels and watching over us all.   

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