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Cotton Candy Dreams

Good morning all...Hope your day is filled with joy. Today I am celebrating my Birthday.  I am teaching art with the Alzheimer's and plan on bringing them some cupcakes.  I am sure they will all be excited with that. 
As for today's blog, I thought I would go back in time to birthday parties.  I was so very fortunate to have been treated with wonderful memories of marvelous birthday parties.  There were always parties, favors, decorations, and hats.  I remember one particular year, my party was in the garden at my Grandma's where we lived in Chicago.  There were all kinds of picnic tables and tables with umbrellas and streamers and balloons everywhere.  Growing up as a child...I was always in a pretty birthday dress with loads of crinolines underneath.  My grandmother would have pin curled my hair the night before so that it would look perfect for the festivities.  When I think back on those pincurls...my, they were something else to sleep in.  These little clips of metal everywhere.  Even as a child we went through torture treatments to look beautiful. 
Well, the party had all types of games that we played like pin the tail on the donkey and drop  the clothespin in the milk bottle.  There were always prizes for the games, food was always prepared by grandma.  There was usually fried chicken, potato salad, a jello mold and Ketchup...loads of ketchup!!  For those of you who don't know me personally...Ketchup and I go together like peanut butter and jelly.  I am the queen of ketchup.  In fact, the other day a dear friend gave me a recipe book on everything to do with ketchup.  There was even dessert recipes in the book..YUMMM...I now plan on having a red hat event celebrating Heinz ketchup. 
Well, back to the party.  It was always made into the most special time for me.  I must say, upon looking back, I was quite the spoiled child!  After the games and the food it was time for presents.  I remember that particular year because the gift from my mother was amazing.  I got a cotton candy making machine.  I was so excited.  I mean really...what child doesn't love cotton candy?  And in those days...the only time you got some was at a carnival or a trip to someplace special like Kiddieland or Santa's village.  There were no Chuckie Cheeses or dollar stores.  I don't even think you could get any in the local candy stores.  Yes, back in my day there were actually candy stores!  
Well, I couldn't wait until my most of the guests left.  All the neighborhood kids, etc.  It was finally down to the family and my cousins.  Well, we opened up the box and removed all the pieces.  Got the batteries for it.  Grandma pulled out the sugar and we started up the machine.  I had visions of cotton candy every day for the rest of my life, when my cousin Ronnie started to do something and broke the machine.  I never even got a turn to make any of the cotton candy.  What a bummer!  And looking back now...I cannot remember why....but I never got a replacement machine.  I am not sure if it was because he had broke it and then we couldn't return that machine or what it was.  But my Cotton Candy making days were over. 
Today, whenever I see Cotton Candy that birthday moment resurfaces.  I guess that I wasn't meant to be the Cotton candy queen!  But out of all the candies available, cotton candy held some sort of mystery to it.  I am not sure why, but I imagine because other candies you were just able to purchase while cotton candy was spun right before your eyes in that Huge round spinning tub from sugar.  It is hard to image that a grainy substance like sugar can become so soft and fluffy and absolutely delightful. 
Years later, when my granddaughter became old enough to go to the new child sensation restaurant Chuckie Cheese...the one thing we always walked away with was a bag of spun cotton candy.  Her and I would get into the car and share that delightful treat all the way home. 
Eventually, I started to notice that after those trips I would become so tired and often times fall asleep.  That was the onset of Diabetes, only it took years of my telling the dr.s that I felt that something wasn't right with me.  You see, that delightful treat left a horrible taste in my mouth.  Odd for a sweet treat, but that was the reaction that I got from it.  That really ended the dream of Cotton Candy for me.  I guess I will just have to stick with being the Ketchup Queen. 

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