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Coffee Brews Up Many Ideas.

Good morning to everyone.  Hope your weekend was wonderful and full of fun and joy. I want to share with you what happened to me yesterday upon my arrival at work at the Alzheimer Center.  The moment I  walked into the vestibule there was a sign there wishing me Happy Birthday.  Once I walked through the doors, there, at the reception table was a happy birthday note signed by everyone and a card by the director.  And to top it all off...one of the residents, named Emmy, made me two adorable bracelets.   They were wrapped in a fall napkin with ribbon.  I was so touched at this show of kindness.  Since yesterday was National Coffee Day and that was the project that we worked on....We painted a picture of a mug of coffee actually using coffee and added coffee grinds mixed with glue to the contents of the cup area and glued 3 coffee beans at the bottom of the cup....I had brought in a couple dozen Dunkin Donuts to celebrate my day.  Nothing goes better with coffee than donuts...don't you think?  The residents loved having the donuts to enjoy after our paint program and I loved sharing it with them.   It was a great way to share a birthday. 
Yesterday's activities started me thinking about what to write about today's blog...coffee.  I remember when I was growing up, my grandmother had this huge white enamel coffee pot that she used to make coffee in.  It must have held 25 cups of coffee.  I am not quite sure, but it was a lot.  She would make it early in the morning and it would sit on the stove all day long as everyone in the house partook of it's contents.  I remember that she used to use egg shells in the coffee grounds when she made the coffee.  It was always delicious, never seemed bitter.  She would then use the grounds and the eggshells in the garden for the plants. 
I remember I started drinking coffee around the age of 12.  I loved it!
Today, I have her coffee pot painted with the 4 seasons around it. I love remembering Grandma and her coffee. 
Through the years I continued drinking coffee.  It amazes me to know how different coffee's are and how different people's tastes for coffee is.  My absolute favorite coffee is Dunkin Donuts. My second choice which I purchase to make at home is Folgers.  My husbands favorite is McDonald's coffee.   I learned through the years that there are ethnic based coffees or ways to make them.  Coffee has even been the trend for designing your kitchen or Dining Room. 
Of all the commercials I ever see, the coffee ones are usually the ones that get me to cry. 
I remember when I first became a waitress coffee was 10 cents and then went to a quarter for a cup.  Now it is like 1.50 and up for a cup of coffee, and that is just the plain standard coffee.  Go to places like Starbucks and you are paying $4-$5. 
When we first got married, my husband came home with an idea for a  business...he said we should open up a coffee house.  We could serve all different types of coffee.  I thought he had lost his mind.  At that time the price of coffee was 25 cents...I couldn't imagine how we could possibly make any money....boy would I like to step back into time.  I never imagined the places coffee would take us! 
When Cappuccino makers came out...our eldest daughter absolutely wanted to have one of those machines.   Well, what she actually wanted was for me to make her cappuccino's every day! 
Now there is iced coffee...years ago, I used to put an ice cube in my coffee to make it cool enough to sip, now we drink it iced like tea.  There are all these flavors of coffee and  coffee in desserts.  I used coffee in my stew like in the days of Civil War.  I use coffee grounds down my drain to scrub it out every so often and now I learned to paint with coffee.  I am amazed with the effects that it has and plan on putting together some designs.  The strength of the coffee allows for the different shadings and the final results look like a sepia picture.  It is awesome! 
We never seem too old to learn something new.  Life is a continuous lesson.  We should never underestimate the value of a thought or an idea.  So brew yourself a cup of coffee today...sip and enjoy and maybe brew up a new idea!

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Jeanni on Monday, September 30, 2013 7:17 PM
....Best tasting coffee is in the cup you share with friends....Here's to You, Debi!
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