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Racoons too close for comfort!

Good morning to everyone.  Nice day out side.  hoping this weather will stick around for a while.  It seems as though we have gotten away from the Indian summer through the years.  I am not even sure whether today's generation has even heard that phraseology. 
As I think back in time, I can remember hanging Indian corn out on the door or my grandmother would place it by the pumpkin on the front porch and it remained that way.  Now a days, it seems as though the animals are so hungry, that they will eat right through the screen to get to it.  I have noticed lately that the animals are more hungry than ever before.  It is amazing to me how many times a day my bird feeder becomes empty and my hosta's are chewed down by the deer. 
The other day, I was sitting in the back yard and speaking with a neighbor who was standing by the fence.  The next thing I knew, he tells me that there are 2 raccoons sitting right under my chair.  Scared the daylights out of me.  When I jumped up, it scared them off.  But as soon as I sat back down, they returned.  Now, other than a glass of water, there was no food there...so I have no idea why they came back.  I finally left my chair and my husband used the garden hose to get them away.  They were just little ones.  I have never seen raccoons with blonde hair.  It gives me a new perspective on painting them.  I have always associated them with the black, white and grey.  Interesting take.  Only an  artist would pay that close attention.   
Being that I live so close to the woods, animals around are not that big of a deal...but these were close enough that I could have petted them.  I wondered later whether they would have done something else being there.  It would have surely scared me to death if one had jumped on my lap. 
Well, after I thought about it a couple of days...I thought perhaps I should look up the meaning of raccoons. 
So when I looked it up...here is what it said..
Dexterity and Disguise
The magic of the Raccoon is in its mask.
Masks are a powerful magical tool:
you can achieve altered states
through the use of mask,
you can become
someone or something else
behind a mask.
A Raccoon totem can teach you how to wear masks for many reasons
as the need arises.
It can teach you how to mask, disguise and transform yourself.
Don't you act differently with your boss, parents, children, husband, friend, strangers.
Those are all masks you put on.
Masks are one of the tools of transformation.
It helps us to change what we are into what we want to be.
Raccoons also teach you how to put asleep the part of you that is not needed
and awaken the aspect of yourself that is.
If you are a Raccoon person, eating mostly fruit and vegetables will be beneficial to your health.
A Raccoon totem has a long influence on your life. 
It is not a short-time totem, but rather will stay with you for a long time
I suppose the message may apply...I am in a time when I need to put on another face so to speak.  With all the various storytelling jobs right now...I switch from character to character.  From teaching art to storytelling to preparing for the art show and Mrs. Claus. 
I have been eating more fruit and vegetables and paying closer attention to my diet.  So there you go...it tells me to pay even closer attention. They didn't go to sit under my husband, only me...so I guess the message is for me.  Time to concentrate on tools of transformation.  I finally have been given some medicines that are helping with the pain I have been suffering with and take this as a good sign. 
Maybe...raccoons tell you to stop eating too much garbage.!!

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