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Serenity...what is is really?

Good morning to all...well, I already see that today is going to be a long day.  I awoke at 3:30...a bit early for me...but  I had already laid in bed for about 30 minutes and couldn't fall back to sleep.  I bet it will surely be an early one for me this evening. 
Well, today's topic is Serenity.  It really got me to thinking about what serenity is.  I sat here thinking about years gone by and remembered how different life was before now.  I think that what is serenity to some is not necessarily serenity to others.  I can sit along the water and find total peace and tranquility.  A calmness flushes over me as the waters wash away the seemingly troubled moments, yet that is not serenity. 
A warm fire's glow and being curled up with a book and blanket and warm cup of tea is delightful and cozy, yet still not serenity.  A walk in the woods surrounded by the wonders of nature and the fresh air is a wonder and breathtaking, yet, still not serenity.  At least not for me...I think that my adjectives describe  what is happening and what I can feel and the senses are awakened by those marvelous moments to enjoy, yet serenity to me is something very different. 
Serenity for me is the satisfaction of knowing I am right with me.  I don't have to second guess any thing or anyone.  There is a total satisfaction with  who I am.  I may not be perfect to everyone else's eye, but perfect to my own eye.  Now that may sound pompous to some, but truly, serenity is peace.  If you cannot find peace within yourself...how can you possibly find peace anywhere?  And not only that, you can not give peace if you don't have peace. 
I think that in today's world, we are expected to do gigantic things in our lives.  Pressures have built up through the years and not only other expect greater things, but we expect them as well.  When I look at the world today, I have to question all the things we have and all the things we need...or so we think we need. 
When I look back in time, life was simpler, people were happier and friendlier.  Everything has gotten on the make money band wagon.  Now mind you, we all want and need money to exist in todays world, but does it come with a high price.  I think it does and because of that....do we have serenity? 
I remember back as a child and think about how different things were.  We didn't have a microwave to reheat anything in 30 seconds.  Somehow we could make coffee on a stove.  Reheat a meal in the fry pan or in the oven.  Somehow we had the patience to do that...and yet today, we all stand in front of a microwave waiting for the 30 seconds to hurry up and be finished.  I remember how a microwave was a form of entertainment.  How many of you have stood years ago and remember watching popcorn pop in there?  It never seems to draw that big of attention when we popped it on the stove! 
Look at where technology has brought us to.  Spending money over and over again, because we have to keep updated.  I mean the movies alone has cost us a mere fortune through the years.  From VCR to DVD to Blue Ray to who knows what else!  Each time we are reinventing the wheel.  And unfortunately, it all makes us stress over getting what is new and being afraid that what we have will become obsolete and lost.  That surely isn't serenity. 
No matter how many times I try to close me eyes and just still myself, there are a million and one ideas drifting through the dark recesses of my mind. 
Serenity is accepting the things I cannot change....interesting thought.  We cannot change others, but we can do something about ourselves.  this is where I return to the initial premise of I need to be happy with what and who I am.  Bottom line!  If I can lay my head down on my pillow at night and thank God for all that He had blessed me with and not question the who, what where or whens...I have achieved it. 
Serenity is a gift.   A gift that only we can give to ourselves.  Take the time to reflect on what true serenity is to you and try to find it.  You will be grateful to know it is there when you need the courage to change those things that all need changing and certainly to know the difference between the two.   

2 Comments to Serenity...what is is really?:

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jeanni on Thursday, October 03, 2013 6:35 PM
Thanks.....You caused me to take a moment for me--no, for ME- just to relax without having the next project or task or demand (most of which I place on myself) on my mind....and NOT feel guilty about it---bur serene....I needed that LUB! J
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Anonymous on Sunday, June 08, 2014 8:30 AM
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