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A Drive on a Brick Laden Streets

Good morning...hope all are having a great weekend.  Today is it for me...it is the Grove Fest.  I am hoping that it won't to be too wet out there for the event.  They are still predicting rain this morning. 
 I spent the day yesterday teaching an art class with the Alzheimer residents.  When I walked in to work...they were gathered around the piano with one of the resident's son who was playing the piano for them for a sing along.  I was asked to join in.  I loved singing the songs with them.  It is so wonderful to see them so happy.  The son of the resident is a very nice gentleman.  I am so pleased to see someone who cares so much for his mother and is so kind and gentle...not only to her but to the other residents as well.  Gives me hope for mankind. I teased him a bit that I would take him home in a heart beat...his mother just smiled.  Makes her think about what a good thing she has and what a good job she had done raising him. And to tell the truth...she did something very right.   
Well, today's blog is sort of a trip back in time.  The only thing is that it is  not in my time.  As I left the Senior center yesterday, I turned  and drove around the corner.  I have driven this street so many times before, but my frame of mind was somewhere else yesterday.  I realized that the street was all old brick like in the olden days.  I wondered about who and what might have traveled down that road.  I thought about the clopping of horse hooves of years gone by.  I looked at the bricks and thought about how difficult it must have been for the horses.  The unevenness of the road.  How difficult it must have been for their feet.  I thought about how easily they might have twisted their legs.  Funny, how that thought managed to pop into my mind.  As I slowed down the car...I gazed at the homes up and down the street.  There was one beautiful Victorian home being rehabbed and I just took the moment to imagine who might have lived there originally.  What they might have looked like.  I could imagine ladies walking down this street in long dresses with large floral filled hats.  I would imagine parasols and buttoned up shoes.  For a brief moment, I was transported back in time.  I looked at the trees towering over head and forming a tunnel of golden and burnished red splendor.  As I gazed down the leaves were blown up against the curbs and for the first time in a week, I had to stop and realize that fall was truly upon me. 
I pulled my car over for a brief moment to just take it all in.  Wow...it was magnificent.  I felt such a rush come over me.  A peace and stillness.  I have forgotten for a moment in time what nature can do.  What the past can do when we look back.  The bricks made me think of Chicago before the Great fire.  What it all must have looked like back then.  I remembered in those few moments how much I loved this season.  How  deeply embedded in work I had become.  How much time has past and the years have gone where I haven't taken the time to look at the world through the eyes of a child.  All the way home, I watched everything I passed by.  There were huge Canna plants growing along the road and I recalled how my grandmother called them Elephant ears.  I remember how they used to line the Southern side of the fence in her garden.  I remember wanting to have them, but when I discovered that you had to dig up the bulbs each year and store them in a bag over winter and replant them in the spring...that idea went out the window.  I get way bogged under at this time of year to be doing that!    I noticed how plush and in bloom all the rose bushes were. Odd time of year for them, but beautiful non the less. I noticed the bright yellows of some of the leaves on trees and deep red leaves of others.  As I continued to drive I saw huge sunflowers drooped over and thought about the birds that might enjoy the seeds from them,  As I rode along the side of the train tracks I watched as the tall grasses blew in the wind with such a softness to them.  The entire drive home I thought about how I wished I could get out of the car and lie down on the ground and take pictures upward.  I thought about how I could no longer do those moves although my heart desires it.  For a moment, I envied those that are younger and have the abilities to do the things I no longer can do, and then I wondered whether they would notice the same things as I had just seen.  I was grateful  just to be alive and sensitive to all that surrounded me.  I kept thanking God for this amazing world and all that is in it.  There were picturescapes after picturescapes that I would have loved to paint.  Someday....someday....someday.  I decided that someday is here and now.  I will never live long enough to accomplish all the things that my heart desires...so I had better start doing the things that give me joy and gratification now.  Tomorrows are not always there.  There is only today.  Today I have made up my mind to take more time to look and enjoy.  What about you?  What are you missing when you are out and about and in a rush to get from here to there. 

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