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High School Pennies

Good morning to all.  Another beautiful day on the horizon .  As the sun rises I sit in contemplation over whet today's blog should be.  So many thoughts race through my mind, yet believe it or not, even though the ideas come, I have to feel the story to be able to write it.  I started thinking back about high school, all the activities, people I met, dating I did. Today, one particular event seemed to have stuck out in my mind. 
I am not sure whether it is still a common tradition for Freshman to have pennies thrown at them, but back in the days when I was a Freshman in High School, it was a pretty common thing.  Dumb that you would throw money, and no one that I know ever stopped to pick it up!  The Janitors of the school probably had a field day cleaning up each year. 
After the first month or so of school, the penny throwing seemed to dwindle, but those first few weeks could be crazy.  Well, I am a pretty patient and understanding person.  I understood that penny throwing was just like an initiation, so I was fine to just go along with it...until one afternoon.  I was in the cafeteria of the school.  I had just come from the lunch counter and placed my lunch tray down onto the table.  As I was setting down my purse and things...pow....flailing through the air was a handful of pennies and they all landed in my food....mostly my mashed potatoes and gravy.  When I turned and saw these bunch of Sophomores laughing and the one who through it being patted on the back....my temper began to boil.  When I stared down at my food, I thought this is ridiculous....in my food?  Really?  Throwing it while you walk was one thing, but in a persons meal was ridiculous.  So I reached down and grabbed the bowl of mashed potatoes, and marched right up to the girl.  I looked her straight in the face and asked whether the pennies belonged to her. I then took the bowl of potatoes and pennies and smashed it in her face.  I was not about to put up with that!  I know I probably didn't do the smartest thing, but at the time I was really angry. 
They then threatened me and I just turned around and went to purchase more food. 
Later in the day, the word got out that they were going to wait for me to come out of school and gang up on me.  Well, I was never the type to squeal, and surely not the type to back down from anyone.  I had been bullied once before as a younger girl.  So I was ready....get beaten or not, I was going to fight if I had to. 
There was a Senior that I knew really well at the time, and she was one of my friends.  She had told me that there was no way she was going to let me go out of the school alone.  I told her I wasn't afraid...although I had no idea what would happen...the girl was almost twice my size, but wouldn't back down.  I felt what she did was wrong.  I know what I did was wrong as well, but she deserved it. I had to buy all new food which cost money...she just had to wash the 20 layers of makeup of her face! 
Well, turns out that when we left the school, no one was there.  I guess the word got out that I was not backing down and not intimidated by her.  She passed me many times in the school halls and shot me every dirty look in the book, but never again did I get picked on. 
Today, I do storytelling with bullying stories to teach the children about bullies.  I was one of the lucky ones.  There are other children who are afraid to stand up to the bullies, afraid to tell someone about being bullied.  There is no reason for it whatsoever and it needs to stop.  Some children who are bullied have killed themselves over it!  They crawl into a shell where no one can reach them. 
And then there is the question of the Bully....where does that come?  I think their need for superiority, attention, needs are the cause.  Perhaps they are bullied at home.  Bullying has become a really big problem in todays society and I wish more schools would request a bullying Storytelling Program. 

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