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Autumn Leaf Splendor

Good morning to everyone.  Once again, the sun is shining.  I am enjoying these wonderful days that we have been blessed with.  I expect to work on painting all day once again.  Hoping to turn on the kiln as well.  I will first need to go out and prepare the slates for the kiln and let them dry.  Tomorrow is a storytelling day again.  This time it is on Christopher Columbus...so part of this day will be spent preparing the story.  This, I must say, has been a tougher one to prepare a 45 minute program for. 
Well today's blog  is about Autumn leaves.  As I notice the changes with each passing day, I began to really think about the leaves.  As I walk along the street and the leaves crunch under my feet it takes me back in time.  So much has changes through the years.  Back when I was young, we would rake the leaves and then burn them.  I remember the smell of the burning leaves.  It was a scent that set the tone for the season.  Winter would soon be here.  Today, we rake the leaves, scoop them up, fill bags with them and then pay to have them transported away or if you are fortunate enough, you can rake them into the street and the leaf machine comes by to get them.  I often laugh about that.  Often times, all those leaves are raked and drug out into the curbs of your street and then a mass wind blows through and they are all over everywhere again.  You are then returning to redo the job. 
Now, I understand that supposedly the reason for no longer being able to burn the leaves comes down to the pollution it makes. It rather makes me laugh to think that those trucks with their gas being used and the smells that it gives off into the environment are really making things better. 
We spend a great deal of time cleaning off the leaves from our properties and then spend a fortune come spring with chemicals to add to the ground to make it healthy when, if the leaves were left, the nitrogen from the leaves would naturally compost into the ground.    I can't imagine that anyone worries about what happens to the fallen leaves in the middle of the woods, and yet it manages to continue to grow abundantly.  Nature can take care of itself...I wish we could be just as wise. 
Since I have become an artist, leaves have become more and more of an interest to me.  From learning to paint them, learning to paint on them, and learning to inspect them and how to create the delicate imperfections that make them so wonderful.  No matter how many leaves I have looked at, I have always admired the autumn leaves the most.  They say that you are attracted most to the season you were born with and I suppose that in my case that is true.  I am an Autumn baby and love this season the most. 
To me the seasons also represent our lives.  It is the constant circle of change and metamorphous that we go through.  I have found that each year, I have a brand new look on things.  I see more with each passing year.  I see the blemishes and the imperfections and have learned to appreciate them more.  I have learned that nor everything is perfect, but that with the imperfections there are many lessons to be learned, an education that lies before us in even the simplest spot on a leaf.  All I can say is that we need to learn to accept the changes in life and be glad that there is always a dormant time and a new beginning.

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