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A Phone Call From the Grave

Good morning once again.   Sunday already is here.  The weekends go by so quickly.  Today is a work day for me though, I have a performance mid day and until then will go over the materiel for the performance.  Later, I will continue on with painting to get ready for the Grove craft show.  One spectacular show.  It is all handmade and will run Nov 7th through the 10th and then again the 14th through the 17th.  Email me if you would like a postcard with $1.00 off the entrance.  Well worth the days there.  There are 6 wonderful building filled with handmade art and crafts that are displayed beautifully in a boutique stlye fashion.  If you want to view some of it, you can go to http://glenviewparks.org/index.php/grove-arts-craft-faire for info and to print a coupon.  See me there as Mrs. Claus.
Today's blog is about phone calls from the grave.  Now I know that this may sound like a ghost story...and perhaps in a sense it is, but not the kind that you may think.  I know that there are many types of stories, in fact I even tell one about the husband who calls and the wife almost passes out when she gets the call from her dead husband.  She goes to the gravesite and discovers that over the grave is lying the telephone pole that has fallen from a lightening and thunderstorm.  This story that I am about to tell you is true and you may take it for all it is worth and make your own assumptions. 
When I got married, it was the first time in my life that I had moved away from home.  My Grandmother and I were always very close and remained that way until the end of her life.  She was like my mother, she was my mentor, she was my best friend.  Now through all the years that we were apart, we were constantly in touch thanks to Alexander Graham Bell.  We would talk to each other sometimes 10 to 15 times a day.  It was about almost anything and everything.  I would call just to see what she was up to, I would call to ask for advice or for recipes.  Sometimes, I would call to let her know that a good movie was coming on TV and what time and channel.  There were old movies that she loved, Shirley Temple and Bing Crosby movies were some of her favorites....hmmmm... I wonder why those became my favorites? I would call just to keep her company.  And to tell you the truth, there was comfort in my knowing that she was okay.  We didn't live that far away from each other.  It was about a 15 minute drive and I would often drive there and visit or when I didn't have a car, I would take the bus and go there.  My Grandmother was my in my daily life until the day she died. 
When my grandmother passed away, it was the worse time in my life.  I absolutely could not imagine a day with out her.  I am sure that for the first time in my life, I truly was having a nervous breakdown.   How do I exist?  I cried constantly.  There were days when thinking about her, I would begin to shake all over.  I missed her so terribly.  But the worse part of it all was when I would go to the telephone to call her.  I was on rote.  It was just such a natural thing for me to pick up the phone and call.  It got to the point that one day, I looked at the telephone on the kitchen wall and just stood there and screamed at it.  My children must have thought for sure that their mother had lost it.  I yelled and yelled and said to my God...why can't you let me talk to her???  Why can't you let her call me and let me know that she is alright??  Why???  I sat down at the kitchen table and placed my head into my hands and began to cry.  Then suddenly, the most unusual thing happened.  The telephone rang.  Now this was not a normal ring that would come from a telephone...it was just a simple small ping like sound.  The girls and I just stared at the phone.  Grandma???  Could it be possible?  Did God answer my prayer?  Well, if you think that it was a one time occurrence you would be wrong!  Every so often, the phone would make this odd sort of ping ring.  There was never a regular call to follow it.  There was no other reasoning behind the sound that we could figure it out.  But it happened!  It happened so often that when it came we would all just look at the phone and say "Hi Gram!".  It was the most comforting sound I had ever heard.  It was a sign to me that she was fine and still there.  Just a check in to let me know all was fine in her world.  It went on for years.  I knew that whether of not it was something wrong with the phone or with the phone wires, it gave me a sense of comfort.  A phone call from the grave doesn't have to be a scary tale.  This phone call was just pure love.  It just left me with a feeling of still being connected!  Paranormal researchers say that spirits use electricity as their conduit to reaching out and touching someone...maybe that is where AT&T got there slogan years ago for their commercials.  If that is true, than perhaps Grandma was really reaching out through the wires of the phone...at least I like to think so.  It was the one place we spent enough hours together on..I would have never associated anyone else with the telephone except for her.  It is a case of the strange and odd phenomenon.  But for me....I like to think that it was a case of a phone call from the beyond.   

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