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What is to Be Said About Commercials

Good morning everyone.  Not sure how this day will prove to be.  Too early in the morning to see anything yet.  I am looking forward to the changing of the clocks.  It will be nice to have the sun earlier in the day. 
Today I thought I would take on commercials.  I was painting yesterday, and of course one of my favorite things to listen to is old time radio.  I love that I can just hear the stories and imagine in my head what is going on.  I really don't need any visuals whatsoever.  Well, while you listen to old radio shows, you also hear all the commercials that come in between the breaks of the shows.  Anchor Hocking Glass was one of the ones, Jello and  War Bonds were another. I thought about those commercials compared to the types that used to be fit right into the first TV programs. I can remember carnation milk on the George Burns Show.  Today, it is a whole different concept.  You break to see the actual commercials and I must say, those that I have seen lately are a slap in the face to the public.    And the things that are shown today would have never been advertised years ago.  One day while watching TV, my husband looked at me and asked me if bladder leak is really such a problem for women that they need those types of products.  I would imagine that the commercial brings to the forefront products that would have never been discussed before, perhaps educating some who would have never thought about it...but really...I would imagine that some things are just not that necessary. 
I listen to the commercials of long ago and a great many are of cigarette companies...we at least are no longer faced with those.  Now it seems to me that many of the commercials instead advertise the use of liquor.  Beer and Vodka predominantly.  With the statistics of Alcoholics and drunken drivers...is this really what we need to promote?  Then there are all the Drugs that are advertised.  I have to be honest with you...I question why we as the public need to have them advertised.  Is it not a shame that we cannot have enough faith in our doctors to know what should be the best drug to be used?  Plus, after hearing those commercials....and all their side effects...does that really make the average person want to take the drug?
There was a period when they promoted dinner around the table.  Why don't we see commercials advertising buying in to farming or more on organics?  Instead we see a million and one places to meet up with someone to marry.  I know that in the older days, going to a dance was a concept where you could meet someone...and a bar was another place...but it amazes me that people can't think of going to a coffee house or a bookstore.  Walking around a mall might be another idea.   
And let me not forget all the political commercials that arise with millions of dollars being fed into those.  How in the world did our statesmen ever get elected without slander campaigns on television.  I would vote more if I heard that the money was being allocated to help feed the hungry and homeless in the streets. 
The focus of the first lady is on feeding kids healthy and yet on television we see nothing but prepared foods and sugared products, not only for the children, but for the adults as well.  Perhaps, we need more advertisement on how to become healthier and where to find those foods.  
Commercials are like a temptress.  How many mothers have endured the ranting and ravings of a child over what they want because of a commercial? 
I totally understand the premise that to have a television show be able to exist that they need companies to fund the show....but I sure wish some shows could become more elective in their choices. 
I guess that is just how commerce works.  I guess it is truly up to us as the consumer to be more selective in what we choose to do with what we see.  Commercials for me are the time to run to the bathroom.  It is the time I get to refill my glass of water or tea.  I DON'T have to watch what I don't want to.  That is what is so great about choices.   

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