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Thank God for Carnation Evaporated Milk

Good morning everyone.  Well, this morning so far the sun is up and my eyes are open.  I am grateful for the day. 
Yesterday as I was painting, I was listening to my old time radio shows.  While listening...and crying during one of them....sometimes they are just so sweet and endearing, so many things came to my mind.  First there was a touching Christmas story of a mother who lost her spirit for Christmas and as she reminisced back...well there went the tears.  Along with singing of Christmas Carols and the explanation of the song Our Father by Amos and Andy...I was truly touched.  That is never heard anymore on public TV. 
Anyway, the reason for today's blog was initiated by the radio show.  During the show, the commercial was for Carnation Evaporated Milk.  It started me thinking about that red and white can and what it was used for long ago.  It probably isn't the first thing on everyone's shopping list today, but back when I was young it was a staple in the house.  First off, we used it for our coffee.  Yes, for our coffee.  At home that was the best thing in a cup of java.  I remember that my Grandmother used Carnation and my Aunt used Milnot.  I remember when I first got married I used carnation as well.  Well, yesterday, in the commercial, they advised you to use it in you coffee...that it was like cream and it even whipped up....and that brought me to Jello.  My grandmother used to make Jello special by whipping in the Carnation milk.  I still do the same thing today in my Jello.  But the best thing I remembered them using Carnation milk for was for babies.  Yes, that is what they used for formula way back when. 
Now, when my Granddaughter was born, we needed to use formula, but all the formulas at the time contained iron.  My Granddaughter is just like me....she cannot tolerate iron orally and continued to spew all the formula all over everything.  Doctors didn't have an answer and the poor little thing was losing weight.  I remembered that we used to use the Carnation Evaporated milk to make formula years ago.  I used to help my older cousins make it for her sons.  I remembered seeing it in a baby book years and years before.  I tried searching everywhere for it, but had no luck.  I finally called Carnation the company up and explained my dilemma.  I asked if they could give me the recipe.  I remembered what went into it...just not all the proportions.  The company told me that they were not allowed to give out the recipe because of the new FDA regulations.  They said that because they claimed there were not the proper vitamins in the milk can, they could not validate it as a proper formula.  That is when I remembered that years ago, we used to give the babies vitamins called PolyViSol. 
Well, after I hung up the phone, I was desperate...I made up what I thought would be the proper measurements for the formula...it was the can of Carnation, a can of boiled nursery water, a tablespoon of light Karo Syrup.  That was what I used....I do not recommend this to anyone...it is just what desperation had me do and it worked.  She no longer was spewing out the milk.  Today she is the healthiest young lady of 17 years old.  I began giving her baby cereal at the tender age of 3 weeks and by the time she was a month I had added fruits.  By the time she was 6 months, she was eating spinach pies and loving them. 
As I listened to the commercial yesterday,  they advertised it for babies...it is so much cheaper than the cans of formula that you need to buy in the store as well.  I remember I used to buy it by the cases when I was using it and saved a ton of money. 
Sometimes I have to question exactly what goes on with regulations as to what is good and what is bad for your health.  I am grateful that I had had the experience with making the formula some 50 years ago and even more grateful to have remembered it when nothing else would work for my granddaughter. 

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