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A Full Moon Effect

Good morning to all.  Hope your weekend was full of good things.  I was busy with ghost stories this weekend at a couple of parties and they were wonderful.  Having a full moon overhead just seems to make the evening even more mystical. 
Now, for my blog today, I thought that I would discuss the effects of the full moon.  It is speculated that a lot of strange or unusual things happens when the moon is full.  They have linked strange behaviors, more women going into labor when there is a full moon and you would have to question why. 
It comes down to a much more scientific explanation than anything.  The moons position has an immediate relation to the pull of the tides in the water.  We are made up of mostly water and therefore it can effect the way we might behave or act.  When I have spoken to teachers in the past, they confirmed that they have noticed that their classrooms are much more disrupted on a the days of a full moon.  Doctors and nurses have confirmed that there are more women who go into labor during the full moon as well. 
Well, yesterday, when I went into the Senior Center to work I saw the effect of the full moon going on.  One of the residents who is normally quite the sweetest of ladies was in a complete dither.  She was upset, angry, a bit violent...to say the least.  I felt so bad for everyone there.  The staff are wonderful and took control of the situation.  All the other residents of course were disturbed by the outburst and I did my very best and switched gears in what we would do to help calm them down.  By the time I had left the center all was well with the world.  Last night as I drove to the home that I was entertaining at, I stared up at the moon in it's fullness and made the connection. 
We have heard stories of werewolves and creatures, stories of doom and terror and they all seem to be with the full moon overhead.  It is a questioning thought to me about just how much the moon relates to our mental changes.  Popular legend has it that the full moon brings out the worst in people: more violence, more suicides, more accidents, more aggression. The influence of the moon and behavior has been called "The Lunar Effect" or "The Transylvania Effect." The belief that the full moon causes mental disorders and strange behavior was widespread throughout Europe in the middle ages. Even the word "lunacy" meaning "insanity" comes from the Latin word for "moon."
Now there are many theorist who will negate these theories, I myself have seen many strange occurrences happen during the full moon phase and I guess it really is up to your own individual beliefs. 
When I thought about years past and Moonshine....it surely meant more than the larger illumination from the phere....it was a drink made in the hills and caused much upset and crazy behaviors...perhaps that was where it got its name!  And then I thought about the word Honeymoon....
The custom of a “honeymoon” began over four thousand years ago in Babylon.
When for a full lunar month after the wedding, the bride’s father would supply his son-in-law with all the honey-beer he could drink. 
There is the word Moonstruck whose meaning is adj. - Insane and believed to be affected by the phases of the moon.
We have so stop and wonder why our language is put together the way that it is.  Sometimes, there just seems to be a little more to it that just some jumbled words put together. 

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