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Mum is the Word

Good morning to everyone.  Hope your weekends were enjoyable.  Here in the Chicago land area the frost is just upon us.  Brrr...I am not fond of damp and cold...but if you live the  this area, you just have to buck up!  The last few days have been chilly and I have begun drinking my loved Chai tea for comfort.  It is so warming and delightful.  Love it with cream and a touch of Honey. 
Well, onto today's blog.  I was thinking about the outside and flowers that are displayed for fall.  It seems that the only flower that comes to mind is the mum plant.  They are in the beautiful colors of Autumn and are a lovely potted plant to place either on your front porch in pots or in your ground.  I started to think about the word chrysanthemum. Now that is always a word that seems to get used in spelling bees.  I thought about how we have shortened the named to mum and in an instant, began to think about the phrase...mum's the words.  I wondered where it came from and whether there was any connection to the plant.  When I looked it up, the following was it's explanation.  Meaning

Keep quiet - say nothing.


Mum; not mother but 'mmmmm', the humming sound made with a closed mouth. Used by Shakespeare in Henry VI, Part 2:

"Seal up your lips and give no words but mum."
I suppose there was no connections to the plant, but interesting fact to know.  I began then thing of other words with "mum" in it.  Mummy was the next that came to mind. Now that is a word for some of the Halloween decorations and costumes of this time of year.  The word "mummy" is not of Egyptian origin, but is derived from the Arabic mumiyah, which means "body preserved by wax or bitumen." This term was used because of an Arab misconception of the methods used by the Egyptians in preserving their dead.
The actual process of embalming as practiced in ancient Egypt was governed by definite religious ritual. A period of seventy days was required for the preparation of the mummy, and each step in the procedure was coordinated with relevant priestly ceremonies.
The embalmers' shop might be a fixed place, as in the case of those connected with the larger temples. Often, however, it was a movable one sometimes a tent--which could be set up near the home of the deceased.
Seems that mum is a silencing word.  Seems almost appropriate for this time of the year.  A time when everything in quieting down.  The end is near.  Death of the earth is almost upon it's living splendor.  There is a stillness to this season.  It's changed colors have begun to fall and leave it's bare branches for all to see.  All things in nature have begun their own sort of embalming to preserve them for their new awakening.  How amazing is our world.  Looking around at this time of the year surely makes me go "mmmmmm" how wonderful.  It is so picturesque and beautiful all I want is to sit still and take it all in.  So in the end, I think MUM is a perfect plant name and perfect for the season. 

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