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The Love in a Sweater

Good morning to everyone.  The sun is a fooling us  this morning.  There is frost on the car windows.  A high of 49 is expected here today.  I will spend the day wrapping up some of my work and getting ready for tomorrows 2 storytelling jobs.  So much to do and so little time.  I am awaiting next week when we gain one hour.  Don't forget that we turn the clocks back one hour.  Isn't it sort of an oxymoron that they say spring ahead and fall back?  When there is a spring in your step...don't you usually move forward?  And I don't know about anyone else, but I usually have always tripped and fallen forward.  Guess it just is what it is.
Well, on to today's blog.  This is the season for wearing sweaters.  The types of sweaters that are out there.  the types of people who are blessed to have the talent to make sweaters.  I was very blessed with the ability to be able to make sweaters and have made many throughout the years, but this story is about my mothers talent. 
One year, my mother went and took knitting lessons.  She already knew the basics of knitting, but wanted to go much further with her knowledge and become more advanced in the art.  She worked so hard at it.  It seemed as though there was never a day that went by that you didn't see her with out her knitting needles.  Well, one year, for my birthday which is at the end of September...perfect timing for a sweater!  My mom knitted me the most gorgeous raspberry pink long sleeved sweater top.  It was not your average button down the front type sweater.  This was a designer top.  the sleeves were puffed towards the top, then tapered and then puffed again towards the wrist.  There were various designs of stiches in the sweater and it was made from a very expensive yarn.  It was so soft and comfortable and really warm at the same time.  I was absolutely in love with that sweater.  It was both hers and my pride and joy.    It truly was a piece of art.  Well, the day finally came for me to wash the sweater.  I was careful to use Woolite and washed it in cold water on the delicate cycle of the washing machine.  I was quite busy that day, doing errands and such and knew that I needed to lay the sweater out on a towel for drying.  Well, that day...of all the times....my husband decided to help out...unknown to me...and put the sweater into the dryer.  Imagine my horror when I discovered the sweater gone from the washing machine and found out what he had done.  The sweater was now the size for a 2 year old to wear.  It had shrunk down so small that there was no hope at all.  I was totally devastated and didn't dare to tell my mother what he had done.  I have no idea of what she might have done.  I know how horrible I felt.  I was left to lie every time she asked about it.  I would always say that I had just worn it the day or two before.  I have never stopped thing of that sweater.  It was my most favorite thing in the world.  Well, one day, years later, my mother made me a grey, black and white  variegated knitted jacket sweater.  It is heavy and delightful.  It even has pockets to the side which I love.  Mom has since passed away, and with the weather cold now, the sweater has come out of storage and is now my everyday jacket.  I loved the sweater when she gave it to me back then, but appreciate it even more so today.  When I wear that sweater, I have to stop and imagine her arms around me.  As I brush my hands along the soft fluff of the yarn, I cannot help but think of her and the time spent making that piece of warmth for me.  It not only warms my body, but it also warms my heart.  A lot of love goes into a handmade piece.  I am just grateful that I recognize it.  I am grateful that she cared enough to make those things for me.  That today, I have something to hold onto that her hands touched.  I would give my anything to get that raspberry pink sweater back to frame perhaps with her picture and knitting needles.  I am sorry today that I didn't keep that small piece of memory, but grateful for the story and the memories.  When they were cleaning out her things, the one thing I asked for was her knitting needles. When I use them, I will ask that she stay with me during the times that they are used and help put some of her magic to them.  

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