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Do you believe in Ghosts

Good morning and happy weekend once again.  I will be in the storytelling mode all weekend.    This is prime season for ghost stories.  I will be using a variety of them for all ages this weekend.  Funny, how ghost stories are always on demand.  I love to tell them, it is amazing to see the eyes of my audiences as they await  the terror.  People love to be scared and at the same time are so invested in the learning about ghostly apparitions.  I would love to get feedback from you, my readers, if you have a ghost story to share.  Just make a comment.  Do you believe in ghosts?  Do you think that there are both good and evil?  Do you think it is just our imaginations?  How do you think they appear?  Do you think that when you dream of someone who is dead that they are really communicating with you? 
If you haven't guessed by now...today's blog is about ghost hunting.  I have been intrigued by ghosts since I was a young girl.  Now for many, you may think that ghosts just are in our imaginations.  Well, when I was 5 years old, I was awaken by a ghost of my next door neighbor.  It happened shortly after her death and she appeared in the lavender chiffon dress that she wore in her coffin along with the orchid that was pinned onto her dress.  She wasn't in the least bit scary, after all, she wasn't scary while she was alive!  She told me to take care of my Grandmother.  That was all she had to say.  As a little girl, I paid no great attention to it all, but as it turned out...I took care of my grandmother all my life.  I often think back on that day and wondered why such a message?  I guess it is not for me to understand, but happy that I did what I was asked to do on many counts.  Now as years went on, I was very perceptive to spirit activities.  I read book after book on the paranormal.  I am totally intrigued by all the various experiences that I have encountered along the way.  I love watching the stories on TV that show the debunking of paranormal happenings, and I myself try to debunk such experiences as well. 
I remember as a teen going with a group of kids to the legendary Bachelors Grove on the South side of Chicago. I returned there later in life as an adult looking for proof of the paranormal.  I went with a group of women who were also researchers and we found the graves in the cemetery desecrated.  When we arrived we took pictures of the surrounding area and they proved to have some paranormal orbs to them.  Each of us went in different directions and then gathered at the end to discuss anything found or felt.  Turned out that each of us concurred on one particular area and one particular grave.  We each had felt a menacing feeling and also a very sad soul.  Turned out, that the grave was of a mother and child.  There are many stories associated to Bachelors Grove Cemetery from floating orbs, roaming monks and  a disappearing building.  There are many ghosts that roam the city of Chicago.  there are reports of ghostly appearances at the Harpo Studios....that building once was used as the morgue during the Eastland disaster on the Chicago River.  Ghostly sightings have appeared as well on the river where the Eastland went down.  911 has been called many times to report a drowning victim there and when the rescue teams arrive, nothing is there.  There are spirits that roams the alley next to the Oriental theater where many have jumped down from the second floor to their death during the time when the Iroquois theater resided there.  Casts members of wicked have reportedly seen apparitions of a young family dressed in the time period  of the fatal fire.  Chicago's own Resurrection Mary is still reported to be seen as she travelled down the road from the Dance hall in Willowbrook.   The underground tunnels by Capone from the Dance Hall to the restaurant across the street, where once a brothel was owned, and men were walled up in the basement still have a sense of doom and gloom.  There are stories and stories of ghosts everywhere.  Many will think that it is crazy to believe in ghosts.  I have equipment that I use during my hunts for the paranormal.  Me...I  am not superstitious...I am just plain old cautious!

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