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Hallween Party Preparations

Good morning to everyone.  Last day of the weekend.  How quickly the time flies.  Hope that everyone's day will be everything you hope it could be.  There is a lot for me to do today.  I begin the setup at the Grove for the Holiday craft fair...My house will begin getting emptied of some of the items that I have been painting all year long....then off to a performance later on.  I came home yesterday with the feeling of being totally drained.  It took everything in me last night to even sit and price tag ornaments.  I could not even finish.  This is one time of the year in which I get totally drained.  But I am so grateful for the opportunities and am so happy to see how happy it makes people.  Yesterday's audience was wonderful in both locations.  I went from the eldest to the youngest and the twinkles in their eyes were both the same. 
Well, today's blog is about Halloween parties.  Yesterday, when I performed, one was in a private home.  It was wonderfully decorated, and to top it all off, the hostess was a real Pinterest fan.  I commented as I walked around and saw her food and decorations.  I had seen so many of them off of Pinterest.  So nice to see that someone just doesn't save the ideas, but actually puts them to use.  She had juice boxes for the children wrapped up in white duck tape with eyes to look like mummies.  There were black goodie bags all cut and tied to look like tombstones.  Pumpkin treats made from clementine's.  There were hot dogs wrapped like mummies with crescent rolls and so much more.  I commend this mother in all the effort she put into preparing for this day.  Sometimes people don't realize all the work that goes into such preparations.  She was dressed adorably as Alice in Wonderland.  What a fun evening that was in store for all her guests.  I would have loved to have seen the types of games I am sure she had ready to play with everyone. 
I remember as a kid going to Halloween parties.  I remember the doughnuts tied onto a string suspended from a ceiling and we had to try to eat the doughnuts with our hands behind our backs.  There was always bobbing for apples, and passing the hot potato game.  I remember one particular party that I got to attend.  It was at a friends house and it was on an evening, not an afternoon party.  I remember walking there in my costume and thinking about what the house might be like.  They made the basement into a haunted house that we had to walk through.  I was really nervous because I didn't want anyone to think I was chicken.  It was pretty cool back then, although nothing compared to what is available today.  We had black lights and red lights and a cardboard box coffin that someone popped out of.  There were spider webs that dangled overhead that we could feel but not see.  They put a lot of effort into that party now that I look back on it.  Even back then, moms put everything into making a party special for their family and friends.  
When we get invited to a party, we are excited to get ready to go and have a good time, but often, don't consider all that goes into the person who hosted the event.  The cleaning, the cooking, the decorating and preparing all the games and entertainment.   
One year I hosted a Halloween party when my girls were in their later teens.  I held a road rally event.  It was fun writing the road rally.  If you have never been on one, it is a map of where you need to drive, but done in riddles.  There are things to find on the way as well. There are also check points along the way.  One of the ones we set up was by the forest preserves and the 2 guys there were dressed up like Dracula and a monster.  The ending point was at my home.  It was all decorated and food was ready to be had upon everyone's return.  I remember one couple dressed up as Barbie and Ken, another dressed as the lion from the Wizard of Oz, a scarecrow,  and even my mother in law played along and dressed as a witch.  It was a real hoot to see her all decked out in a long black wig and hat!  I made trophies for the winners from toy cars and wooden blocks.  We enjoyed hearing the stories of their escapades along the way.  We played games and just had a great evening.  Now, I have to clue you in that it took my husband and I a couple of weeks to plan that road rally.  We would drive out and first plan the route.  Then after we had decided on that, we had to go over it and begin to find ideas of places to use in the directions along with how we would write the clues. We would go over and over the route, looking for more ideas.  Finding things that were identical that we could get people to count along the way...that is, if they were clever enough to catch the clues that they were to count something...and that was for extra points.  Then we had to secure a few places for check points that didn't infringe on private properties or break any laws.  After numerous times of those trips, then we would choose someone who was not coming to the party to drive the route and we would go along to see how well the route actually was.  If that were not enough, then , two days before we drove the route again to make sure nothing had changed to through anything off.  I then typed it all up and made copies for each person that was going.  There were emergency envelopes that needed to me made...they lost points if they opened them, bt it would get them to the next check point if they got lost.  All the work was well worth it because everyone had such a good time!  The nice thing about everyone being out on the road doing the rally, was that I had an empty house to get everything prepared.  You know how when you have a party, somehow, everyone lands up in your kitchen while you are trying to get everything done! 
Well, I know that you don't really need a reason to have a party, but Halloween can be a fun time to have one.  There are so many things you can do to enjoy.  So many new ideas for decorating and games....but don't leave out some of the old ones.  The old games are a blast from the past....and remember...the young ones might have never done them...like dropping clothespins in a bottle, or passing oranges from neck to neck...and let us not forget passing a lifesaver down a line using toothpicks!  Have fun! Enjoy....and have a safe a Happy Halloween party.

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