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Singing in Library!

Good morning.  Back to the grind Monday.  It was very hectic on my end this weekend, I had a hard time remembering what day of the week it was.  Years ago, my mother in law used to check of the day on the calendar and I always questioned why she did that...now I know!!  Well, yesterday's performance at the Country Club was fun.  In the later part of the evening, many of the children stayed on the hayride so they could hear more stories as we went around the property.  It is so awesome to see how excited they become.  What is even funnier, is to see how much the adults enjoyed the stories as well.  Sometimes, I think they laugh and clap more than the children. 
Well, as for today's blog, last night after I left the country club, I went out to dinner with my husband and while we were eating I was reminded of something that happened so very long ago. 
When our children were young, we would often take them to the library.  Today it seems that with the computer age and everything at your fingertips, I must question whether the attendances at a library have spiraled down. Anyway, we would always be there reading,  taking home books, renting projectors and movies and later, when videos came out, we rented those as well. 
Well, one particular day, we were at the library on Narragansett Ave. in Chicago.  I was on one side of the library going through the card index...remember those?  and my husband and one of our daughters were in the children's section when she decided she had to go to the bathroom.  Well, my husband walked her to the bathroom and it was a one stall room.  He let her go in...she was about 5 at the time and he stood outside of the door waiting for her.  Now, all of a sudden, I hear this singing on the other side of the wall where I am at.  I immediately recognized the voice...I couldn't believe that my husband could possibly allow my daughter to be singing in the library.  I snapped the drawer closed and raced to the other side to find them.  Then, I spotted him standing next to the bathroom door. The look on his face was priceless!  He had turned every shade of red you could ever imagine.  I could barely keep my wits about me.  Inside the bathroom...our daughter, evidently had a longer visit and it was singing la-la-la to pass the time away while nature took its course.  I am not sure that it was that loud....but in a place like a library where you could here a pin drop....it was hysterical!  Once I realized what was happening, I ducked around the corner to wait and see how long this would go one.  About five minutes passed when she finally exited.  My husband could not get out of that library fast enough.  I don't think we ever went back to that particular one again.  You know what they say...out of the mouths of Babes...well, this was a total serenade!  Most people sing in the bathroom while they are in the shower...but not our daughter...she must have thought she was royalty...her singing was done on the throne.
As years went by...you know how us parents love to tell those stories....well all we ever had to do was sing La-la-la and it was then her turn to turn shades of red.  Oh the memories that seem to just pop up out of nowhere. 

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