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Being Grateful for Good Neighbors

Good morning to everyone.  I hope that today will be a good one for you.  It seems a bit windy here this morning and a bit cold.  The beginning of another weekend and the first of November.  How quickly the time is speeding by. 
Today I thought I would blog about a word.  The word is neighbor.  I thought about this all last evening and how grateful I am for a good neighbor.  I know that growing up in the city of Chicago, neighbors were a different thing than they seem to be today.  We knew everyone back then and it was more of a community of folks.  Each person was always willing to help one another.  I remember my grandmother always sharing her breads and jellies, her pies, cookies and cakes.  When she made for us, she also made for the neighbors.  It was common courtesy to do so.  When I first got married, I had a very good relationship with the neighbors and when we first moved I had an angel for a neighbor.  We shared almost anything we had with each other.  It was either to throw a roll of toilet paper over the deck to each other.  Borrow a cup of sugar or a cup of milk.  Things really changed when I moved to the suburbs.  It seemed that the best you can get in this particular neighborhood was a hello. 
I had a neighbor who owned the house next to me....but didn't reside there.  He was a neighbor from Hades. He was crass and ignorant and didn't care about anything or anyone except himself.  One of his tenants allowed a tree to grow on the border of the property which grew into a monster of a tree and pulled up my driveway.  We asked him to please cut it down and he refused.  Lightening hit the tree and it fell on our house and he told us that it was our problem.  The man had also done some crude gestures to me along with verbal abuse.  He was ignorant!  It wasn't worth even looking in the man's direction. During one confrontation, I simply turned to walk away and told him I would pray for him because he certainly needed it.  The next time, he had a confrontation with my husband and wanted to actually fight with him.  I went outdoors and stopped the arguing b simply telling my husband to leave and go to work.  I turned to go inside and the man yelled out "going inside to pray for me again?"  I turned and replied "yes, it seems you need prayers every day!". 
Well, the house has sold and we now have neighbors from heaven.  PS....prayers answered!
What sweet people...a father and a son.  When they first bought the house, I discussed the tree and the first thing he did was to have it cut down. 
I have sent over a piece of cake for the guys one day, Offered to make dinner...which my husband confused the date...so the meat got frozen in the meanwhile.  Anyway, yesterday, the father showed up at my door with a cake saying trick or treat.  He in turn got the frozen meat that I had prepared for their meal.  What a blessing I have received.  I have to be thankful for these new neighbors.  They moved here from Chicago and are probably used to the way we were with neighbors.  I am feeling very blessed.  We often take things for granted when we have a good thing.  We don't think about how good we had it until it is gone.  So with the idea of being grateful thing month, this gentleman's kindness started off this month's blog of gratefulness. 
I have invited them here for Thanksgiving dinner and hope that they will be able to come.  I am looking forward to some nice chats and cups of coffee with them. 

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