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An Unexpected Daughter as a Blessing

Good evening.  I am very late today getting out the blog.  Very long night last night and very busy day.  I am just sitting down for a few minutes in between.  Well, I talked about blogging things that I am grateful for and today my story is about a very sweet girl. 
About 22 years ago, I had the opportunity to make acquaintances with a very charming young girl who grew into an amazing young women.  I am so grateful to have this young woman in my life.  Not every person you have in your life is this special.  This girl couldn't be any more my child than if she shared my DNA. 
We knew each other through a lot of years.  It isn't the match up you might think because I am old enough to be her mother.  She came into my life shortly after I had lost my daughter.  Now when I say I lost my daughter...I want you to understand she did not pass away.  She choose to go on a different path in life that didn't include family.  At a time when I felt I would lose my mind, God placed this young lady even more into my life.  I never got to see my daughter married, yet, I was able to throw this child a wedding in my garden.  She lives quite a distance and yet comes tot spend the weekends with me.  She is always there to lend a helping hand no matter what I do.  She will paint for me, she will wash and clean if I needed it, but best of all she loves me without any expectations, and I love her the same.  We don't need to have anything planned when we are together, because we enjoy each other's company so much...everything we do together is a wonderful experience.  I can share my deepest darkest secrets with her and her with me and we know that no matter what...neither will judge each other.  We will only support each other and love each other.  If there was a previous life...the two of would had to have been mother and daughter.  How many relationships can you have like that.  The true meaning of love.  It doesn't have any boundaries.  It is the type of relationship that when you seen each other...the embrace is steeped in true feelings.  They are not a peck on the check, a short smile, but a long hug...with every fiber of your being happy to be together in  the moment.  I am so grateful that God has chosen this additional child for me.  I am so rich in the years that I have been blessed with her.  I know that she feels the same.  Sometimes, we don't even need to talk and yet we still communicate.  I have been blessed with the privilege of exposing her to old movies, radio talk shows, the theater, foods and cooking, arts and crafts and hopeful many more interests to come.  When you are this blessed, you are given the greatest gift.  I will hold on and cherish this one for the rest of my life.  I hope that in each of your lifetimes, you are able to meet one person as wonderful as her...my sweet friend and daughter, April.

2 Comments to An Unexpected Daughter as a Blessing:

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Linda on Sunday, November 3, 2013 12:17 AM
What a wonderful story and one I didn't know about. It sound like to me that you have blessed eachother's lives.
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Debi Gajewski on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 8:32 AM
Linda, this has been such a wonderful blessing. I feel like there are connections in life that are made because they just were meant to be. I am very grateful for this sweet woman. I have so many memories with her. I thank God all the time for her.
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