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Grateful to be a Caregiver

Well, good evening to all.  I cannot believe that this is the first opportunity that I have had to get to the computer.  I have really been pushing it to get all the things done that need to get done setting up the show at the Grove.  If you haven't been out to the holiday show there.  Put it on your calendars.  It begins on the 7th-10 and 14-17 of November. It is in numerous homes on the grounds.  All hand made and wonderful.  the best show on the north Shore.  I will be there personalizing ornaments as Mrs.. Claus.  There is so much to see and do there.  Hope you will treat yourself to the experience if you live in this area. 
As for today's blog, I continuing my thoughts on what I am thankful for. 
Today I am thankful for the chance to have taken care of my in-laws at the end of their life.  I know that most people would and had questioned why I would be grateful for that.  Well, you see, during the years that the were sick and incapacitated, I had the wonderful chance of truly getting to know them.  My father in law spoke very little English, so getting to know him was a bit more difficult, but I can remember making food for him while I cared for him and him saying that he hadn't had that type of food since he was a young boy and his mother made it for him in Poland.  You see, he grew up in a different area than my mother in law, and the foods they were used to eating were regional.  So, I was preparing something he hadn't had in perhaps 50 years.  He was forced to leave his country on the day he mother was being buried and never got to attend the funeral because of the war.  He refused to return to that country because of that.  I was just so happy to be able to give him something that reminded him of his mother.  I learned a lot about him in those years that I would have never had the chance to learn if I hadn't cared for him. 
As for my mother in law...she shared war stories with me from when they were in a camp in Germany, Her own personal horror stories.  She treated me like a daughter.  I couldn't have been more fortunate to have someone who cared about me.  I will never forget when my teeth broke in the front of my mouth and we thought we were going to have to take a loan out to have my teeth pulled and have dentures made, well, she came over with the money in hand and told me to have it taken care of.  Better now that after I am dead and gone, she told me.  I loved that I was able to take her on vacations and show her things she never dreamed that she would see.  I am grateful that I didn't wait till she was 80 to through her a Birthday party.  I did it when she was 75.  You see, she had never in her life had a birthday party.  I did it all in a Polish theme,  I even had her birthday cake designed to look like where she grew up in Poland like in the stories she shared with me.  I hired Polish entertainers...violin players like her brother and a woman who played the hammered dulcimer.  But the best part of the evening was when I dressed up her Great granddaughter in a polish costume and taught her at 4 to sing StoLait to her.  that song in Polish means live to 100.  Unfortunately she passed away the following years.  I am grateful that I gave her that party when I did. 
I learned so much about their lives, their family and their passions.  I am blessed and better for it having them share their lives with me and my children and grandchildren.  I still miss them and wish I could have had even more time with them, but in the end, grateful for the time I did have. 

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