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Being Grateful to be a Storyteller

Good morning to all.  This is really an early morning for me!  I began this day at 1:30 AM.  Not because I wanted to, but because I cannot mange to stay asleep.  So I have been up painting and have now decided to take a break.  I do hope that I will be able to nap at some point today. 
Yesterday was my day at the senior facility.  It was such a pleasant afternoon.  I love spending time with the ladies.  I missed one in particular yesterday.  She has been having a rough go lately and I really missed seeing her. 
As I drove home from there, I was stricken with the theme for today's blog.  I think that so often in life, we just take things for granted.  We become so accustomed to the things we possess that we don't stop to think about what a blessing that it is.  Yesterday,  one of the ladies asked me all sorts of questions about being a storyteller.  She said that she once had thought about becoming a storyteller and never did.  The conversation went around the room and I sat there thinking of how grateful I am to be one.  One woman commented on how great it was to sit and listen to those wonderful stories...it reminded her of when she was a child and her mother and grandmother told them.  I thought about those statements driving home.  As I drove home, I thought about how grateful I am to have the memory that I have to remember all the hundreds of stories that are in my repertoire.  That I have such love for them.  That they are used to make others happy and bring them joy or memories.  When someone shares a story with me, I lean in and just listen and learn.  Yesterday, one of the residents told me a story about world war 2 and then about civil war soldiers buried in a cemetery by a gentleman who bought up the plots to properly bury them.  How stricken she was by this man's gestures.  I shared with her facts from the civil war and the women who fought and were buried without a proper name because they fought in disguise.  Then I thought about that, I was amazed on how I was able to pull that from the memory bank to share.  It is because of storytelling  that I had researched all that information.  I have been told many times that I have a gift.  Perhaps, I take that for granted because it is my job and then a day like yesterday happens and I am so grateful for it. 
There are many ways that people deal with life.  They use meditations, they journal, they see therapists to get through their thoughts and troubled and or happy moments.  I am able to use storytelling as my way of therapy or journaling.  When I write a story, I am putting my heart and soul and memories down.  When I pull a story from somewhere else, I am pulling it because of its relatability to me or the situation at hand.  I wish more people in the world could understand that stories are for all ages and not just for children.  The ladies asked me yesterday who I prefer telling stories to....and hands down I told them that I enjoy all of the telling, but hands down, I enjoy telling to adults.  Sometimes telling a story in a group where the adults are bringing the children to the event is funny to watch, because the adults are more captivated than sometimes even the children.  I can tell you that when I arrive and a resident gets out of bed  after telling me she has been so tired lately and doesn't feel up to anything  but would love to come and hear stories....that is such an amazing feeling and I am so grateful for the stories that I can share.  Story telling has changed my life in the most amazing ways.  I am grateful for the opportunities that it presents to me.

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