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The Jetson Generation

Good morning.  Another cold day expected today.  Yesterday was a wild and crazy day.  The show at the Grove was mobbed in the first half of the day.  I finally was able to go and get a bit for lunch at 2....and that happened in phases  because I had to keep returning to my desk to personalize.  What a great day. So many charming and wonderful people!
Today's blog continues the thankful thread.  As I think about all the things I could be thankful for, I am amazed at what I think of.  Today, I am thankful for the computer and technology.  At the touch of a finger we have an amazing amount of information available. 
I don't understand the person who balks at it.  I give credit to the elder who have taken on how to use it.  Years ago, we would do countless hours of research looking for almost anything and everything we needed to know.  Today, we just need to go to the computer and type in a question and we are given boundless answers. There are even the most obscure answers to odd questions.  It has added hours of my time looking at a library for a book that MIGHT have the answers.  Even in my job as a storyteller, I find stories right there for the having.  Although I have learned the art of backup as a must.  I think that it is a magnificent tool for all ages and all facets of works.  When I see the newest and most modern  models of computers and their capabilities I am amazed at the advancements in this field.  I use not only the internet, but also programs for business invoices, I use clipart programs for designs, I have even superimposed  pictures that I need for parties.  The advantages are endless.  I can use the computer to readily communicate through email, face to face with my family anywhere in the world at the press of a button.  I remember watching the Jetson's cartoon when I was younger and thinking that nothing that was shown there would ever come to fruition, but it has, and more!  It makes me wonder who was behind those shows and whether it inspired those that created what we have or are part of the teams that created the computer world.  Sometimes I think that we need to delve back into the past to be able to appreciate the present.  And truly the present is a gift.  I think though, like everything in life, there are parameters that should be followed.  There is something called diversity.  I think that picking up a book for things is equally as important.  I find that the computer allows me the opportunities to find what I am in search for and then I take it one step further and find additional resources.  As I sit today and type this blog, I thing about how this is read all over the world....in seconds from when I hit the publish button.  I am so grateful for the computer and how far I have grown in learning the technology behind it.  My advice to a new user is...don't be afraid.  There is nothing wrong with an old dog learning new tricks.  Even a magician has surprises up his sleeve andso does the new computerized world. 

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