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Thankful to be a Red Hat Queen

Good afternoon...I know right?  Not often that I don't say good morning.  I have been on the constant run with regrouping for next weeks part of the show at the Grove in Glenview.  If you haven't come out, there is still 4 days left of the show to see.  Come on out and spend a wonderful day in an absolutely gorgeous setting with wonderful artisans. 
As for todays posts, I am continuing on with my grateful month.  Today I am grateful for Red Hats.  If you don't know what Red Hatting is, then let me fill you in.  It an organization for women over the age of 50 who wear red hats and purple clothes.  It is basically a social groups and there are chapters all over the world.  Each chapter is an individual chapter run by a queen.  The queen sets the tone for what the chapter does.  As for me, I am the Queen, so know that it is one crazy event after another.  We have been together for 10 years and for 8 out of the 10 years, we did at least 2 things a month and can count on one hand how many times we duplicated an event. 
Why am I grateful?  Well, I have had the opportunity to meet some of the finest and fun women around.  You can be under the age of 50 to join and if you are you wear a pink hat with lavender clothing.  I began the group as a pink hatter. 
Some of my best friends are in the group and they became best friends once joined.  these are stand up women.  they type that I can call in the middle of the night...no matter where I am and they will come to the rescue if need be.  They are the kind of women who call and check in on me.  They are the type of friends that truly give a hoot and I mean not just on their kazoos.  There are women who walked into my door alone after calling to join after finding me on the internet.  Amazing that we have drifted together and formed such a bond.  We are so totally able to be ourselves.  At this stage of life, we tend to hide ourselves away, but not with red hats.  It would be sort of hard to hide with those colors on!  Now, let me set the records straight.  We are dignified and respectful!  I have met people who have not had that sort of meeting with some....and I apologize for those women who think that wearing a red hat gives them the right to be disrespectful to anyone! 
We are a group of women who want to be challenged, have fun, and be ourselves.  We can put on a bathing suit and not be concerned with the fact that the middle age spread has occurred.  That we are not perfect in any shape or form except in our hearts.  They are well formed and full.  I look forward to the days and times we spend together.  We have gone out and explored the cities.  We have done the wildest things....from taking belly dancing lessons to trips and tours, overnighters, attending concerts and plays, going on hayrides and restaurants of every ethnic background.  We have cooked and decorated, taken classes and rode planes and boats and just plain had fun. 
I am grateful for this chance in my life.  the chance to be free.  To not worry about what others might think because those in the group are all in the same place!  Bonding is a very special thing to do and being part of this group and the type of group that it is allows all of that to happen. 
When Jenny Joseph wrote the poem about the purple hat, I am sure she had no idea that some day that would come to fruition.  That one day a woman by the name of Mary Ellen Cooper would don her first red hat and go to tea and a lifestyle would begin.  I want to say thank you to all my red hatters that are art of my life.  There are some that have passed away, but are still remembered and admired.  I will carry them all in my heart.  They have truly made my heart gladdened with joy!  Thanks again to my wonderful ladies!!!

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