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Self Motivation

Good morning to all.  Hope you are happy to get to the hump day of the week. Last evening I just plainly hit the wall.  I was so tired from all the work.  I worked on projects all morning till it was time to get ready to actually go to teach Art to  the Alzheimer's.  That of course is always a challenge but very gratifying.  Yesterday we made turkeys and they were all very happy with them.  Afterwards I came home and worked again.  By 8 PM I was done.  Today is another day.  I am ready to push ahead.  Tomorrow begins the first day of the second week of the Craft faire and I need to have things ready. 
My topic for today is self motivation.  I stated to think yesterday about how I get things done.  I am so grateful for this talent.  It is not something that is in everyone.  It is not easy working from home.  There are a lot of things that get in the way.  You must be self motivated to get yourself doing the things that you actually need to do.  You need a system.  With me and my diversity of things that I do I have to keep a schedule of sorts to accomplish it all.  Between storytelling, teaching art and painting for the faire, it is essential to have lists at hand, products at hand and stories at hand. 
As a storyteller, I must have stories ready and waiting to be studied or reviewed to perform, plus there must be time for the rehearsals.  It is a constant search for stories.  Because of my diversity in storytelling, I am always compiling stories for  future use.  I also am in search of new and fresh stories so that I can revisit the same places to perform with new and fresh materials. 
As an artist, I am always searching for new trends, new ideas, new patterns.  I spend time drawing up my own patterns, then to use the pattern, I must select the proper surface.  Pull the colors of paint I plan on using and then begin the painting process.  As I paint the piece for a pattern, I must also write down all the steps and the colors used along the way.  Then take the pictures of the piece as it is progresses along with a final piece. 
As for painting the items for the faire, I deal in such a large volume that I need to multitask to get things done.  There are often times that I am jumping up and down to check the kiln that I might be firing, base coating on one side of a table and painting on the other.  I will switch to a couch to draw out the pieces or to put the hangers in. 
Without self motivation, I could never accomplish what I do.  I am grateful to have that quality and yet I think at times it limits me.  I limit me.  I get so wrapped up in what I am doing that at times I need to remind myself that there can be times for other things.  You might call me a Workaholic. When someone wants something done and in a large scale, they know that they can come to me.  The old saying goes, if you want something done, give it to a busy person.  That is because they have a system and are on the get it done mode. Many people question how I manage to get all that I do done.  It is really amazing to me the things that I get accomplished, and I am grateful for the managing skills. The biggest problem is that at the end of the day....I am exhausted, but proud of the accomplishments made.  When someone tells me they are bored...I often wonder how that happens.  It surely is not a phase that I use.  My prayers and wishes are usually for an extra 24 hours in a day!  I will never live long enough to do all the things my heart desires to do in this lifetime...no matter how self motivated I may be.  
The biggest problem with working at home is that people tend to not think that you have a REAL job and don't always give you the recognition that you deserve.

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