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My Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Good morning to everyone.  Well, my life is somewhat back on a normal track.  It was so nice to clean and reorganize.  On to get ready for the next phase of the Grove which is their store which will open on the day after Thanksgiving. 
I am having Thanksgiving for my husband and I, along with some friends and neighbors.  I was thinking about the meal and how I will set the table. I pulled out my Fall Tablecloth to iron and put on the table and began to think about how funny it was the day I purchased it.  It was actually an amazing deal and as happy as I was to get it I was sad at the same time....so I thought...hmm...good idea for today's blog.
I had never been  to an auction before.  My friend Kris and I often stay at the best Bed and Breakfast in a quaint town called Millersburg.  The name of the Bed and Breakfast is The Big House in the Little Woods.  The owners Gail and Dave are the most welcoming and charming hosts and after one visit, you will feel like they are old friends.  There home is charming and comfortable and it is the best stay you would ever have.  Well, one time they were discussing this quilt auction that is held in the barn across from their home.  They have it twice a year and the couple staying their along with us were making their reservations.  We were intrigued, so we made reservations to come back for it. 
Well, I was so grateful for that.  Gail told us that there is usually a waiting list and we were fortunate enough to be able to get a room.  The weekend finally arrived.  The night before the auction, we were allowed to go over to the barn and view that quilts.  It really surpised us as to how many there were.  Not only were there quilts, but other items as well.  Kris thought we would be able to breeze in and out in maybe an hour.  We landed up staying for the entire day. 
Now, these were hand made, hand quilted pieces.  One was more amazing than the next.  I had never seen so many patterns of quilts before.  The colors and fabrics were unbelievable.  Well, It seems that there were so many that the bidding did not need to go very high, in fact, you could get most of the items for next to nothing.  I was the recipient of many of those items.  Although at the end of the day, my bill was an eye opener...It didn't even come close to what I would have paid for one quilt somewhere else. 
At the end of the day, we all met back at the B & B and we had a show and tell. 
As each guest pulled out their treasures for everyone to see, we all oooh and awed all over again and the workmanship and beauty of each piece.  Well, I managed to get a gorgeous quilt for a queen size bed in cream and tans and copper.  I also got some unfinished pieces.  When I say unfinished, they were the top layer of the quilt, all done...it only needs the batting and the backing on it and then to be hand quilted.  Gail, the owner looked at me when I began pulling them out of my bag...I had numerous ones.  She asked me if I planned on quilting them all.  I told her no, that I planned on hemming them and usuing them for tablecloths.  You see, I had my dining room table special made, actually on an Amish farm, and it it solid Oak and is 48 inches wide.  It has leaves in it and I can easily sit 12 at it for dinner.  This is a difficult table to find a table cloth for.  A bed covering is perfect.  One of the toppers that I got in the auction was made with a leaf pattern in the most delicious colors for fall. I am so grateful for the opportunity to gain such a treasure.  I paid $20.00 for this piece.  It will cover a queen size bed and looks magnificent on my table.  Now if you don't know much about quilting, the fabrics that were used in this pieces must have cost at least $100.00.  That is not including any labor suck as cutting and sewing all the pieces together.  This was such a shame that no one wanted these sort of pieces and that I was able to get them so cheap.  I think about how long that topper took to make and the skill that was used to put it together. 
As I place it on the table I will always think of that day.  I will give thanks for the person who made that and hope that she will know how much it is appreciated and loved. 
For all the years that I do a holiday, I have always based it around a them and a prayer.  It is something that I personally enjoy to do.  One year, my granddaughter asked about what that years prayer and special theme was going to be.  I was not away that anyone was paying any attention to this part of the festivity.  I was grateful that she noticed and that she actually looked forward to it.  When I looked at this tablecloth and the leaves, I realized that I also recently purchase some chargers that have leaves in the rim.  I have decided that leaves are the theme for this years Thanksgiving table.  I will coordinate the entire theme around it.  When I sat for a moment and thought about the leaves, I thought about how nourishing they are to the earth.  That when they decompose, they are giving nutrients back.  When I compare that to the day, we are doing the same on another level.  We are giving back the thanks for the bounty that we are able to enjoy.  So "leaf" it up to me to find something new to do. 

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