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To Believe in Miracles

Good morning.  Well, the day is sunny but very cold here in the Chicago land area. 
I can tell you that yesterday, standing on the train tracks, waiting for the trains for the North Pole Express in Downers Grove was brutal.  It was especially hard watching all those sweet young children shivering.  Although, once we boarded the train, all the freezing stopped as they settled in to listen to the stories and enjoy their cookie and milk. 
Today's blog is about Believing,  As I sat on the train yesterday, during the time Santa visited with the children, I couldn't help but watch and listen.  I saw the twinkle in all those eyes, and not just the young children, but also the adults that were there with them.  I listened as the children told the man in red all their wishes and wants for Christmas.  Thinking of the Book and Movie "The Polar Express"  and it's message was really just to  "Believe", it hit me whether or not we truly stop believing or not.  I think that even later in life, that one words manages to stick with us.  I cannot imagine life without it.  It seemed to me that in those briefs few moments, every person on that train truly Believed...if for nothing else, they believed in the magic of Christmas.   That is what brought everyone there.  It wasn't the children who purchased the tickets.  There is deep within each of us, that hidden desire to believe in miracles.  Perhaps that is why they called the movie with Edward Gwen, the "Miracle on 34th Street".  We all need to believe in something or someone.  We may become disenchanted or disappointed at one point and time in our lives, we may at times become cynical, but if we look deep and hard enough, there is something and someone who we choose to believe in.  I think without it, life would be awful! 
When I thought about it on the drive home, I thought about how this man in red and what he represented.  I thought about the ways around the world.  I thought about how he represents the good, the dream filler, the symbol for hope and good will.  Is that not a great rep for Jesus?  It seems that during the Christmas Season, everything seems to be a little bit brighter.  The homes are more inviting and exciting to look at.  The baking of cookies and then sharing them with friends and neighbors.  The smell of the evergreens and pine as it wafts through the air.  The faces that we meet just seem to be a bit friendlier.  We choose to believe in the miracles of Christmas and the miracles of our fellow man.  We would never allow our children to go up and hug some bearded man on the street that we have no idea who he is and yet we don't give it a second thought when it is Santa Claus.  We teach our children to believe that he is who he says he is and that he will grant their wishes. 
When life goes awry, I think that it is the times when we no longer have belief in something.  Whether it is a person, a symbol or even ourselves.  We need to hold on to those beliefs to feel balanced in our lives.  Even when someone has hurt you or done wrong to you, you have to believe in yourself.  That you will find a way to put that next step in front of the other and be happy.  Happiness comes from within.  You have to be able to look at life in a positive way and believe in tomorrow. 
I clearly saw that yesterday as I watched those children and their parents and grandparents.  The smiles on all of their faces.  The parents jumping around to catch those magical moments with the cameras.  They will one day look back and even show them to their children and remind them of that special time.  I have done the same and now that there are no longer little ones here for me to share those magical moments and times, all I need to do is close my eyes and in an instant....there they are.  I believe that the magic is still there captured in my heart and soul forever. 
I have a sign in my dining room that just simply says BELIEVE.  It reminds me each day that this is one of the most important things I can do in this lifetime. 

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pinehur strealestatenc on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 7:43 PM
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