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Getting Through a Holiday

Good morning to everyone.  Well, one more day until Thanksgiving.  It is something to watch on TV about the trouble with snow in the Midwest region and how difficult that will make traveling eastward.  I just pray that all those that are traveling have a safe trip. 
This is the busiest traveling holiday of the year.  When I think about it, traveling opportunities are amazing these days.  If we consider what it must have been like 100 years ago.  It was no wonder why families tried to live in the same areas as each other.  I know that growing up, most everyone lived within blocks of each other.  A visit was simply a walk down the block.  A lot of times, it was just traveling up or down a flight of stairs.  Today, because of jobs and travel opportunities, people are all over the country.  It is easier to travel today then it was long ago, but then there is the added expense and time to consider...which, ultimately leaves many families separated on this holiday. 
There are many, for numerous reasons who spend the holiday alone.  As I looked back in time over my own life, I know that I never got to spend a holiday with my mother once she moved away across the country.  We were raising children, money was not all that plentiful, nor was the time from work available for a long travel, we ultimately did not see each other.  Now we are in the same position as my mother was since the children have moved quite a distance.  I sat the other night and correlated the similarities while I was talking to my husband.  As we reminisced about Thanksgiving of our past with the children and grandchildren, there crept a bit of sadness in our hearts.  I later thought about those that have passed away and how I miss them.  I thought about all the people who perhaps were without this Thanksgiving.  Those who were with out families, those who are struggling to make ends meet, those who are having personal relationship difficulties and those who have strained relationships.  Holidays can be very difficult times for those who are enduring these types of hardships. 
It is not like those with troubles only reflect on them at the holidays, but that the holidays trigger so many memories from the past. 
I remember my grandmother sitting in a corner and her attitude which always seemed happy and content for a brief while would become somewhat morose.  when I questioned her about it, she told me she was thinking of her mother, because she was killed at that time.  Her mother had been killed by a streetcar in Chicago when my grandmother was 12 years old.  she not only lost her mother at an unbelievable young age, but also became the matriarch of the house.  She was the eldest girl and now had to take over her mother's caregiving role.  That is a lot for a young child.  She worked very hard her whole life, and even though she never worked outside of the home, her life was filled with busy hours washing and cleaning and mending.  She cared for her father and her 3 siblings.  She didn't have the opportunities that other 12 year olds may have had, and especially the warmth and comfort of having a loving mother to guide her on her path. 
I can sympathize with her.  I know that on the holidays, there is always an emptiness that bubbles up to the surface when I think of my daughter who has left us.  Her children that we never had the blessing to meet.  My heart cries at times and then I look at all the blessings I have and I cannot say that it washes the sadness away, but helps to move on.  If you are feeling blue or sad  for the holidays, I beseech you to seek someone to help you through it.  Perhaps it is a friend, a visit to a church or even time to give of yourself to someone who may be suffering even more than you.  There are shelters that need help with serving food to the homeless, services held in celebration of the day and friends who offer their home and company.  Don't let the sadness overcome you this holiday.  Let those who do care, share.  You will never get this day back again.  Make a new memory if that is what needs to be done.  Even if the memory is geared to helping someone else. 

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