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Love in a Chirstmas Card

Good morning everyone.  I hope your holiday went well.  I taught the Alzheimer's painting this weekend.  We made a reindeer from a toilet paper roll and added a glitzy red pompom for it nose and some candy cane antlers.  I told them the story of how The book Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was written here in Chicago and  how it was bought by Montgomery Wards.  We then sang the song together.  I also shared some Christmas History of Chicago and the story behind the song The 12 Days of Christmas.  Then then joined me in singing it.  The joy and sparkle in their eyes is really something wonderful to see as they try to remember the words.  It is such a rewarding and wonderful moment. 
Well, today's blog is about Christmas Cards.  It seems to me that such a wonderful tradition has dwindled through the years.  Whether it is the cost of the postage or the lack of time, I feel it is a loss. 
I know that through the years, I have taken a lot of time and thought into choosing a Christmas card.  They are a reflection of how I am through the year.  If it is humorous and funny...then I am surely in a playful mood.  If I am missing loved ones or home...they are usually a card of a fireplace and home or a tree.  If I am being nostalgic then they would have had a winter scene with a sleigh ride.  One year, I found a card that had snowmen sitting by a campfire reading a story book...now how appropriate is that for a storyteller?  This year, I found a charming card with winder birds.  I love my birds and feed them at my kitchen window.  Many who sit at my table marvel at the amount of birds who come to dine there.  I just want to share that joy with others. 
When I think about receiving cards form others, it is such a joy.  It is a reminder that I am in their thoughts.  Sometimes they include little notes, others include a letter of the year...all the things that happened in their family.  What a nice way of getting caught up with their lives. 
I have thought about how much I have loved waiting for my tree to be up and sitting next to it with the lights and tinsel all a shimmer and writing out my cards.  A tradition of love.  If the saying. every time a bell rings, as angel gets it's wings, then perhaps it should be  said that  each time a Christmas Card is received...someone's thoughts and love is retrieved. 
Christmas cards began around 1840 by Queen Victoria and have had many changes through the years. In the 1940's is was common to have more patriotic cards during the war.  There were cards that included toys or gifts.  One year, I hosted a USO Holiday event with my Red Hat group which included others. We spent some time gathered at the tables and wrote Christmas cards to our service men and women.  A time to be grateful for their service that keeps us safe and free.  I think that this is a wonderful thing to do and such a nice surprise for them who have the holiday season away from family and friends.  Here is an address if you would care to send a card of two of gratitude. 
 Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO Box 5456
Capital, MD 20791-5456
There are so many ways that people display their cards.  Some use wall hangers or baskets, some are taped on doors and archways or fireplaces.  Christmas Cards are recycled.  The craftier persons have made baskets, ornaments, bookmarks and boxes from them.  What a nice way to keep those memories around. 
Christmas cards are a sign of love.  A sign that someone is thinking about you.  What a special moment it is, to open a card from someone who has been away or perhaps a bit distant at that moment in your life.  A rekindling happens when that card is open and read. 
So if you are ready to spread your love and care this season, drop someone you are thinking about one of those wonderful notes of joy.  You may be surprised at how it may just brighten up someone's day.  Think about that person and their opening of your card and it may brighten up your day as well.  Happy writing!

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