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Christmas Movie Memories

Good morning everyone.  Hope you are fairing well during this frosty times.  More snow is expected this week.  This is just the beginning of winter...oh joy!
Well today's blog is about my tradition of watching movies for the holidays.  It has always been such a treat for me to see those feel good movies.  Through the years, I have chosen some that are always a must see.  I watch the most favorites while I wrap my Christmas presents.  Now some of the movies that I consider Christmas movies may not necessarily be the ones that the average person sees.  but non the less...they are my favorites.  Going My Way and The Bells of St. Mary's have always been two of my favorites. Just dial O for O'Malley leaves you feeling like you will never be left in the cold.  That there is always someone who will care. The other has always been Heidi with Shirley Temple. There is something so special about this little girl's performance.  The way that you can break through anger and resentment and replace it with love. 
One year...long ago, I had fallen down my basement stairs.  I had really banged myself up quite good and just needed to lay still in bed after the fall.  Well, that night, a movie I had never seen before came on TV.  I fell in love with the movie.  Bishop's Wife with Loretta Young, David Niven and Cary Grant.  What a charming tale in this movie.  The gift of angel and a wish and prayer answered.  It has been one of my favorites ever since. 
There is a movie that I deem as one of my favorites and that is not even one that is seen any more.  I am so glad that it was on TV when a VCR was around.  The name of the movie is called "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear".
This movie is with Mickey Rooney.  It was probably made in the late 70's.  It is a wonderful movie that has Mickey as the grandfather who wants to show his grandson who lives in California what a real Christmas is like in New York.  He dies before he has a chance...but fear not...he is made an angel detective who comes back in search of the Christmas spirit.  If there is any way to find the movie to watch...I highly recommend it. 
There are list of wonderful movies...One of my all time favorites...along with many others, is White Christmas.  It has always been my hidden dream to wear the Red Christmas dress worn by Rosemary Clooney.  I now wear Mrs. Claus' red dress...but someday, I would love to have one like in the movie.  Did you know that in Ohio there is a Rosemary Clooney museum?  In the museum, that gorgeous dress is one display. It is my dream to get there and just be close to it!  Sounds, perhaps rather silly, but it is a child's dream that never seemed to fade away.   As much as I love White Christmas...I never go without watching Holiday Inn.  To have Bing's singing and Fred Astaire dancing is like a dream come true in one place.  To watch the movie now...they might be revoked for being politically incorrect.  What a shame that would be. 
Then there is the one movie that I had never seen, and one year, it seemed as though it was on a 24 hour marathon.  It's a wonderful Life.  Charming movie with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.  To see how a town can rally around a person and repay all his kindness and care.  How could you walk away from seeing such a feel good show and not feel grateful with your life?. 
Today, it is so very different with the way that TV and recorders are.  You can watch TV anytime you want.  But in the olden days, you waited with bated breath for when one of those movies came on.  You would gather the family around and watch it together. 
I remember that it was a family tradition of ours to wait for Rudolph to come on.  It was always on the day after Thanksgiving.  I would spend the day with the children decorating the house for Christmas and then I would warm up all the leftovers from Thanksgiving and we would all do the rare thing, watch the movie while eating our dinner off of TV trays in the living room.  It was a tradition.  It was the only time of the season that we would get to see it.  My how things have changed. 
I remember when the movie The Christmas Story came out and we gathered together to watch it.  We laughed the night away.  What great memories to hang onto. 
Today there are stories on the Hallmark Channel that are made special for Christmas.  I suppose it is good that they keep rerunning them...but after a while, they get to be unappreciated I think. Everyone knows they can just see it later.  It doesn't seem like family time is the same anymore. 
Well, as for me...My marathon will begin this weekend, starting with Going My Way. I will pull out all of my favorites, a box of kleenix and some snacks.  I will settle down for a long winter's marathon of Holiday spirit and good tidings.  If you have any favorites...I would LOVE to hear about them.  Sharing...that is what Christmas is about.  I hoe some of you will share your favorites with me. 

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