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The Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Good Morning...it seemed to me that it has been forever since I was able to blog due to technical difficulties with my web host. I was pleasantly surprised...after a discussion with one of their staff yesterday....after many conversations with other staff members...that this morning as I went to transfer each and every past blog onto a new page which we had decided would be the simplest way to fix the problem...to find that my blog has reappeared.  It is like Christmas day.
I hope that after all these months of being unable to blog and be part of your life, that I have still captured many of you as my blogger friends to stick this out with me. 
Why such an unusual title?  I felt it very fitting for many reason.  With my blog returned, I felt that I have finally reached the other side.  In my life over the past few months, the same has happened.  As I sit here and contemplate how grateful I am to have been able to cross that bridge. 
I have had some really crazy events that have seemed to take over these last few months...with illness hitting some very dear friends. 
That bridge between life and death is a long bridge sometimes.  I have seem many cross it, some have begun the journey and others hold their breath waiting to see if their journey will begin.  We will all cross that bridge at one point and time in our lives...but for me today, the question is./..just how troubled do the waters have to get? 
This has been the toughest few weeks for me to look at.  Not that I am walking the bridge, but with a few friends having medical difficulties, I am pressed to look at the possibilities. 
I sat yesterday in a hospital with a friend while her mother and my dear friend underwent surgery.  Now, this was for a shattered shoulder that was the outcome from a fall on some black ice.  As I sat, I contemplated the possibility of that 82 year olds journey.  She is feisty,  vibrant, energetic, and full of life...but in those moments vulnerable to the possibility of not making it through the surgery. It is a certainty that each time we undergo a surgical procedure that something might go wrong. But in those hours, I realized just how fragile life can be.  that it is held by such a simple string.  Life is like the helium balloon that simple is held down by it's string.  One mall snip and it is off and flying away.  Now my friend made it through with flying colors and by the time I left the hospital had loads of color back in her face and was eating and drinking and doing well.  Might not seem to the average person like an overwhelming feat....but after the past month, having another friend diagnosed with cancer in the lungs, Then to only hear that it had mastasized over the the stem between the lungs and had a few other questionable shadings, yesterday was a piece of cake.  Now the other friend was out of town and had to return home to see doctors and specialists.  In the midst of traveling to a specialist one morning, she was called back to the office of another specialist to be told that the additional films showed cancer in the brain.  A very large tumor in the brain and more all around.  She underwent surgery on last Monday as we all say and prayed and held our breath.  She came through the surgery and is doing well, with the next steps to follow.  Her journey will be long and hard.  Her waters are rough and choppy under her bridge.  I sat and considered just how fortunate I am.  With all the aches and pains in life, my journey is what God has choosen to make it.  It is not only that, but also how well I am able to handle it.  As I have sat through watching my friends, I thought about how strong we all are.  How blessed we all are.  I was comforted by countless numbers of people who joined in prayers for their recoveries.  That might not seem like much to some, but for me...it was like armor.  I was surrounded by STEEL.  It wook a long time to get the meaning of STEEL MAGNOLIA'S.  We may seem like just weak women.and even men.  Delicate in our lives, yet when faced with adversity..we are armored with the strength and faith of family, friends and strangers. That bridge over troubled waters comes to us all at one point in time...today I am thankful that there is a bridge to cross over instead of just the troubled waters.  I am grateful that we all have a bridge.  For each of us who have watched someone we love go through difficult times, become despaired and suffer, I hope that you are as fortunate as I am.  To be surrounded by faith.  I hope that you too will take the time to realized how fortunate you are to have a bridge to get you trough those rough days. 

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