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Saving Greens$$

Well, good morning to all.  I am sitting in my chair looking out as the sun is rising and contemplating the day.  It is still frigid and snow is expected to fall.  REALLY?  Spring where are you?  As I turn my head away from the window, I see my Holiday tree that I have decorated with shamrocks, miniature beer steins, leprechaun hats and coins.  That certainly makes me think I need to go over my Irish stories and lore's for up and coming tellings. 
Today's blog baffled me a bit, trying to decide on today's topic was a bit perplexing.  But after a bit of deliberation I decided to continue on with yesterday's topic with a twist.  The green shamrocks on my tree made me think of the color and something new I had learned about and though that I would share. On my kitchen window sill I have a make  shift feeder that I keep filled each day.  I actually read that you can put egg shells out for them to feast on.  they actually get calcium from the cleaned shells.  Well, on the sill by the window...I of course have several statues of birds, a small sugar bowl shaped like a bird house with a sparrow perched on it, a St Francis ornament with a bird on his hand and also a sweet ornament of a birdhouse with a bird that was painted by my friend Phyllis.  I love when I receive something from someone.  Each day, as I go to the window...it makes me think about my friend and just makes me smile.  Now also on that window is a small jelly jar with green onions growing out of it.  The green has been growing there through the whole winter.  It was a bright spot amongst all the snow piled up out doors.  I recently found out that if you cut the green onions for cooking..if you are like me...have thrown the rooted ends in the garbage.  Well, one day I read that you can place them in water and regrow the onions.  I thought well, what have I got to lose?  So I cut my onions up for a chicken salad I was making and placed the roots into the glass of water.  Lo and behold they began growing.  They really do suck up quite a bit of water...so I add a little each day to the glass.  They grow rather quickly and before long...I have a new set of onions.  Now, as they grow...so do the roots.  It was amazing how long and tangled they become.  I thought...well, I'll try cutting the roots down to about an eighth of an inch and see what happens.  Worse comes to worse, I will just chop up the greens and add them to a meal.  Well, it turns out that they continued to grow!  Now green onions are not the only thing you can regrow.  You can also regrow celery.  I have not only regrown the celery, but when I cut off the stalks, I tie a heavy rubber band around the bottom, slap on some paint and stamp it onto fabric.  I have used both a
shirt or pillow case...it creates a rose.  I then use paint from a bottle to squiggles some outlines and viola...a 3D rose.  I use Deco Art Americana So-Soft Fabric paints for fabrics. 
Now I know I was on the Green thing...but you can also do the same with  garlic, leeks, bok choy, romaine lettuce, garlic, potatoes, sweet potatoes, scallions, fennel, lemongrass, ginger and pineapple.  That a fun way to recycle and reuse!  It is also a great project to do with you children and grandchildren.  It is like a 2 for one sale.  Not only that you can reuse and reuse again and again.  Now not all of the items that I have listed get grown on the window sill, they must get replanted in the ground...but isn't that a cool way to get the most of of your money.  Talk about saving GREEN$$$!

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