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Remembering When and Who

Good morning to everyone.  Hope you have a fun filled weekend ahead of you.  As for me...it is indoors and painting.  The snow outside is upon us once again.  I already see it on the top of my car out the kitchen window.  I am currently painting soap....yes, soap.  It has been fun creating designs on the tops of the bars.  It is a step by step procedure that begins with sanding, then sealing, painting, then more sealing .  Hoping it will be a fun thing for selling at the holidays.  In my opinion, a great little hostess gift.
Well,  I have really been into the recycling of things lately...I am also working on turning old t-shirts into hanging works of art.  I purchased a number of canvas' and a number of old shirt to frame over the canvas for men.  Finding the right shirts have been fun as I rummage through the men's racks at the thrift stores.  Our holiday show at The Grove is going to have a Man's Cave section and I am thoroughly excited over making new products. 
Well onto today's blog.  I have been contemplating some new programs for storytelling.  I recently was hired to do my Love in Bloom (the life and loves of Jack Benny) and it was very well received as always.  I have been in search of other stories like that and decided on a few that I think will pose to be interesting.  They are people of my childhood.  First, there is Shirley Temple.  With Shirley recently passing, I thought doing a story about her life would be fun and interesting since she lived such a phenomenal life.  From movies to politics to being a diplomat.  As a child, I remember watching her and continued to love her movies even to this day.  I have shared them with my children and grandchildren.  I can remember back when I was a child, dreaming that I would be the next Shirley Temple as I sang her songs over and over again on the front porch of my home.  Grandma would allow me to open the living room window which was next to the front porch so that I could hear her on the record players.  I had all the albums...I can still see those swirled clouds that were in the center of the album.  I spent countless hours singing "on the good ship lollipop".  Years later, as I really got into radio talk show programs, I was amazed as she told the story of The Blue Bird. She was sweet and innocent and something to look up to. 
The next character I have chosen in Carol Burnett.  I no sooner opened her autobiography and was thoroughly engrossed in it.  Her stories are touching and amazing.  She was such a phenomenal comedian.  Her life was no easy street and her accomplishments were many.  I remember her skits on her comedy shows and just roar in laughter.  From the Q & A's with the audience to her skit as Scarlet O'Hare from Gone with the Wind where she donned on the curtain rod and drapes.  Of course no one will ever forget the wash women routine.  It was always a hoot to sit and enjoy her infectious laughter. 
I must say, choosing who do write stories and programs about has been a bit difficult.  There are so many wonderful people that I have had the pleasure to enjoy watching over the years.  I find it quite intriguing to uncover the stories behind the scenes.  One person I had enjoyed through the years was Fred Astaire.  There was never a whole lot that you heard about this amazing hoofer.  I wondered about his personal life, his dance partners, etc.  It seems that the world has always paired him with Ginger Rogers, yet she was surely not the only dance partner he had..so I thought him to be a good subject as well. 
The only downside to when I get an idea...is that I cannot stop.  I have found books on various characters that I think will make tremendous programs...and so now all the hard work and research begins.  As a storyteller, the first thing I feel I must do is have heart and curiosity for the subject to really start to dig my teeth into it.  With the snow outside today and more of it expected...I will spend some time reading and researching as I begin another journey. 
I love taking a trip down memory lane.  Seems to me, that so many of the greats came from back when I was young and even from before then.  I am grateful that I lived with my grandmother and had the opportunity to be exposed to those shows and characters.  To have learned to appreciate that type of showmanship.  There is something to be said about the past and their standards and morals in the movies.  We didn't need to see blood and gore, nor sex on the screen.  We were wisped away to a dreamland.  Taken places that were fun and beautiful.  Exposed to lifestyles that were something that one could aspire to.  If there was drama behind the scenes..you were unaware of them.  There weren't tabloids everywhere blasted innuendos about what they wore, how much weight they had or didn't have.  The were the mysterious character on the big screen.  It didn't create judgments on the individuals, but allowed you to judge the quality of the films or show without any preconceived notions.  I am not sure about you...but I have read critics reviews about a show and then thought they were insane.  If they hated the show...turned out often times that I loved it, and vice versa. 
So, in essence, I believe that I am recycling movies and their stars as well through storytelling.  Bringing them back to life so to speak.  Uncovering their background and making the public remember when. So get ready public...more programs are on their way.  I would love to hear from you my readers who you might want to hear about.  Was there anyone in the past that has resonated so deep within you that you would enjoy hearing about in a program?  Just shoot me a note in the comment box...I would love the feedback.  Enjoy the day.  Talk to you tomorrow.  

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