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When a door closes and another one opens

Good evening, it seems that today has simply gotten away from me.  I must say, part of my day was spent reading the newest book I ordered about Carol Burnett.  I have to say in advance...I will be able to put together one awesome program with this woman's life.  She not only is funny and talented on stage, but a great writer.  It shared some stories with my husband this evening and had him in stitches.  I love when I can become so invested in a project. 
Well, today's blog will be a bit short since the day is about ready to place it's head down on a pillow..and I to join and ready to join it. 
I thought about how fortunate I am to have such amazing opportunities in life.  Some of them have been hard and difficult to get through, but in the end each of those difficulties have left me with so many blessings. 
One of the difficult things in my life was my education.  It took me until I was 30 years of age to go to college.  I started out with the thoughts of becoming a teacher...my friend convinced me to go into bio engineering and while taking all those math and science classes, I discovered that I wanted to become a forensic examiner.  Well, through all the twists and turns, turned out that I carried a straight 4.0 (A) average.  Upon the next sign up for the next semester...with money in my hand...the rains came in Chicago...the Big one where everyones home was flooding.  Not only did my home flood...the roof began leaking in 3 places and to top that...when we removed some of the paneling in the basement, discovered that the support beams of the house were going.  The money in my hand went towards the needed repairs and I went to work.  Once I was at work family members health caused me to work and do care giving.  Years went by...I continued to work and do health care when the family member passed away.  we purchased a new home, got all settled in and I finally returned to school.  I was in school a whole 2 months, when a daughter came home pregnant.  The situation was not the best one could hope for.  The man....and I use that term loosely, choose to not be participatory in the situation, so I stepped up to the plate, and took care of my daughter and the baby...which meant giving up school once again.  Today, that lovely baby is almost 18 years old.  Is an excellent student, amazingly funny, charming and caring young lady.  I never regretted a moment of what I gave up.  I received so much out of those opportunities.  I especially made a bond beyond all bonds with my granddaughter.  This week we were texting back and forth over the book she was reading...Pride and Prejudice...and was doing a project on it for school and called to bounce off ideas with me on the subject.  How cool is it, that a young girl would discuss something like that with her grandmother.  I felt so blessed on 2 counts.  One, that she even thinks to call me like that and secondly, that she knows that I can converse on that level with her.  Sometimes one door closes and another one opens.  I am so glad that I was ready to change directions when I did.  That I followed my heart...and gained another's heart as well. 
sometimes when I question why things happen...when I question God's plan...I know that there will always be something behind the next door.  I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to Sarah.  You are my heart and my soul. You are an inspiration to me.  You are my pride and joy....no prejudice there. 
I hope that if you, my readers, are ever faced with a difficult moment or decision in life...go with what your heart says. It may be the best decision you ever make.    

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