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A Pill That is Hard to Swallow!

Good morning to all.  The first day of the weekend.  I wish I could say that on this the 8th of March things are looking brighter, but I cannot. 
The past week weeks have been rough ones with friends being seriously ill and in the past couple days I have had the husband of a dear friend pass away from cancer.  My condolences to all of the family and friends of the Braun family.  It has been a battle with cancer and Jim Braun the warrior,  lost the battle.  God rest his soul and comfort his wife and family.  They are a God filled family and I know that they will get through this together...but difficult, non-the less. 
Then last night I received the news that my friend Debbie Laneene and her family lost her mom last evening.  This was the confusion battle of Alzheimer that took her...long ago into a deep sleep...and this princess never woke up...until she finally received the kiss from death.  May she rest in peace and may God watch over her family during these trying and difficult times.
So, if you think that wouldn't be enough, last night I hosted a Go Green event with my red hat group and at the end of the evening, about 11 at night, I broke out all over my body with a horrendous rash covering almost all of my body.  After reviewing the items that went into my mouth...and realizing nothing new was in the mix, I was left to believe that perhaps it was the newest medicine that I started 3 1/2 weeks back.  It is the sort of med that takes 4-6 weeks to kick in, so I thought maybe it just built up to enough in my system to cause the breakout.  I proceeded to take bendryl for the itching and rash and attempted sleep.  I woke up this morning itching like a son of a gun and the rash had spread even more and reddened quite nicely.  I then had to call the dr. and discuss the possibilities which landed up to be the medicine.  He needed to do something quick to stop this...so he told me in 20 minutes to go to the drug store and pick up the oral meds.  Once I arrived, I discovered that I was given the steroid that shoots my blood sugars through the roof...I am diabetic.  I now will be on High Alert and drink more water than what is found in a lake to try to keep the blood sugars from putting me into a coma or hospital...which ever might come first.  So, needless to say, this is not been the greatest of weeks or the way to start my day. 
So, I will now address the subject of drugs.  I am one of those people who is so allergic to drugs it is more hazardous to take them than sometimes not!  For anyone out there who has the same sort of reactions, you will understand.  All the contraindications on this FDA approved medicines 99.9% do more damage than they do help....at least for me.  I have one of the most sensitive bodies and the weirdest reactions to medicine.  I have told dr.s that this or that has happened to me...and of course their responses are always...that is not on the list...or you need to give it an addition month or two....REALLY??  I remember when I first took Bextra and Viox.  They told me that the reactions I was having were not valid because they were not on the list....well...guess what?....they are off the market...and why???  You got it...some of the reactions I had on day one.
I wish that the doctors of today would learn as rule #1 that they need to LISTEN to what the patient is telling them without filtering it.     No one knows what type of pain the person is having unless they are having it as well...so LISTEN!  PERHAPS ALL ARE NOT AS IN TUNE WITH THEIR BODIES AS I AM, BUT, I think that it might be because they hear that it can't be and are talked into it.  You know how your body feels right and when it doesn't...trust your self and fight for yourself.  I once did a study on Kieaseology and found it to be an amazing test of allergic reactions.  What is good for you as an individual and what its not.  I guess it is time for me to go back to the art of muscle testing again.  I will have my husband try the test on me when he gets home.  There are a number of Naturpathic and Chiroractic doctors that use it in the diagnosis of a patient....I wish the average doctors would give it some validity.   It purely a strength muscle testing while holding and food or chemical in your opposite hand.  If something is not good for you, then you don't have the strength in your hand to resist when someone is applying pressure on it,  A clear cut test to determining what should to into your mouth or on your body.  If you have never heard or tried it...now is the time.   The worst part of this for me today is missing a meeting with my painting guild.  I am the VP and had plenty on my plate to do there.  I feel terrible letting my chapter members down, but today, I have no choice in the matter. Well, I hope the rest of the weekend turns out better and perhaps, though my mishaps, you may have learned something.

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