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Tick Tock went the Clock

Good morning.  We are on day one of SPRING ahead.  Here in the Chicago land, the sun is shining brightly.  The birds are at the feeder munching away, and other than this pesky rash, I thoroughly expect this to be  good day! 
As for today's blog, I began to think about time and the spring forward and fall back...how unusual, that as a child, I never seemed to pay any attention whatsoever to it.  One day, was just another day.  But now it a whole different story.  My body doesn't become acclimated to the change immediately....you would think...really what is the big deal.  oftentimes, we stay up an hour later or lose sleep because of a million other reasons, but psychologically, it seems to be a difficult transition for many. 
I thought that the whole world changes their clocks the same as we do...but to my surprise, on a visit to Shipshewana, Indiana, I realized that they never change their clocks.  When I go to spend the day there...I have to try to remember what time it really is there. 
This perplexed me and encouraged me to find out why.  The answer is that  the federal government doesn't require U.S. states or territories to observe daylight saving time, which is why residents of Arizona (except for residents of the Navajo Indian Reservation), Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Marianas Islands won't need to change their clocks this weekend. Other states could soon follow suit, or mandate permanent Daylight Saving Time, or even do something else entirely.
Around the rest of the world the observance of Daylight Saving Time is also very much a luck of the draw. Most North American and European nations observe it, while most African and Asian nations do not...go figure.  There are differences that have occurred in Russia and other countries as well.

So...my question was...how in the world did all this get started and who started it? 

The answer points to Ben Franklin. His use of "early to bed...early to rise"  was the culprit. Hi reasoning was about the economics of it. 
It wasn't until World War I that daylight savings were realized on a grand scale. Germany was the first state to adopt the time changes, to reduce artificial lighting and thereby save coal for the war effort. Friends and foes soon followed.
The answer to my countries question is answered with: The United States standardized the yearly start and end of the time change, and it was up to  the states that chose to observe it.   And of course the timing has changed more recently as well. 
So, there it is the answer to the perplexing question...at least in my mind. 
And as long as I am on the subject of clocks, I thought I would take that a step further as well. 
Growing up as a young girl, I lived with my mother and Grandmother.  Now my Grandmother must have just loved clocks.  Not just the ordinary ones that tell time, but any unusual clock that made a sound or noise.  She had clocks the birds whistled, ticked loudly, and cuckooed.  I even remember the one cat clock with the moving tail.  Well, as I look back...I begin to understand my love of collecting...it had to have rubbed off on me.   The one thing about Grandma's clocks were that they were all just a little off on their timing...oh, not minutes, but seconds.  I can remember when the hour would hit...the moment went on and on...It would always begin with the cuckcoo clock then onto the music making clock, the birds would chorus in and the bonging would start.  It was almost like a symphony being played, every hour on the hour.  If you needed to know when the hour was...in my home...you never missed it. 
And oddly enough, Grandma seemed to know somehow...WHICH hour it was.  I can remember entertaining young men in the living room.  We would be watching a movie...or chatting and Grandma, who rose way before the crack of dawn was already retired for the evening.  Well, at 10 P.M. when the Orchestra began, you could hear the sliding of the bedroom louver door...and Grandma would chime in :Any descent young would go home now!"  I was embarrassed to death by it...yet those were the standards Gram set and it was by the clock!  Needless to say, the evening was ended by the tic tock of the clocks. 
Many years have gone by, and the one thing I just recently acquired was the Cuckoo clock.  I don't know how to set it...there are no instructions that came with it.  I need to get it to a clock repair store and put it on the wall.  It will be nice to hear that sound again.  Although it won't have any other chorus' to join in, but it will still chime out a pleasant memory. 

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