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To Iron Cabbage

Well, good morning to all...another day and the sun is shining.  So much to be grateful for. 
I have decided that the closer we approach St. Patty's Day, the more I begin to think about food.  It is such a big deal in all the restaurants around and yet, growing up...I don't ever remember celebrating the day with food.  It wasn't until I was married and we bought our first house that I learned about Irish food.  Being raised in a Polish/American household...Irish food wasn't something that perhaps my grandmother knew much about! 
Our new neighbors were Irish and the wife's name was Maureen.  The first St. Patty's Day that we lived there, we were gifted with a load of Irish Soda Bread.  Oh my goodness...it was the best bread I had ever had.  Most and filled with raisins.  I later learned that this was not the typical Irish Soda bread, but her recipe for it.  Well, I, of course got the recipe from her and made it for St. Patty's every year from that moment on...along with learning to make the traditional Corn Beef and cabbage dinner.  It was a new tradition in our home.  It came also with Green River Soda.  We were Irish for the day.  What a fun and wonderful treat. 
As years went by, I have made countless corn beef and cabbage...and so I started thinking about that Green vegetable.  Of course being Polish...we always had Sauerkraut at home and cabbage soup.   I never gave it a lot of thought until I started studying about minerals and alternative health treatments. 
Now, one of the the strangest things that I had come across was ironing the cabbage leaves...yes, you read it right...IRONING the leaves...and I used to do it for my dogs who had arthritis in their hind legs to give them relief.   A home remedy using cabbage for joint pain includes rubbing the joint first with honey, then tying a cabbage leaf around the joint. Place a warm cloth over the cabbage leaf and leave overnight for joint pain relief.   I used to iron the leaf and just apply it to my dogs hind quarters.  I made sure they were not too hot to touch the body and then just held them in place.  Of course, the dogs couldn't tell me that it helped or not...but they laid in place as though they gained relief and seemed to get up and more somewhat better afterwards. 
When most of us think of cabbage...the first thing that comes to mind is it's odor when it is cooking.  So what makes this have such a smell and why then do ...or should I say SHOULD we eat it?
Cabbage contains anti-inflammatory properties that help combat and relieve painful joints. In addition, cabbage helps flush the body of damaging free radicals that harm and damage organs and joints.This curative vegetable contains antibodies, vitamins, minerals, and assist with tissue repair and muscular construction, all which help painful joints.
It has multiple vitamins and minerals good for our intestinal tract as well. 
 Cabbage is rich in various phytonutrients and vitamins like vitamin A, C & K. These all are natural antioxidants. 
There are studies that have shown it to help prevent Alzheimer's as well. 
As I looked up Cabbage, I realized that there are over 400 varieties  of cabbage...that's a whole lot of heads. 
So, with all that there is to learn about that green vegetable...why not go ahead and give it a try.  This is the perfect season to put it to the test!  Treat yourself to a corn Beef and cabbage meal...and don't forget the Irish Soda Bread and a tall glass of Green River...or perhaps an Irish Stout!   

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