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Memories and a Rocking Chair

Good morning one and all.  Well, another day has begun.  I sat here watching s the sun is beginning to rise.  St. Patrick's Day is over and it is onto the next holiday...Easter and Passover.  I will take down my Irish decorations off of my tree and decorate it for Easter.  I love that it is that time of year....it means spring is upon us..I hope!! 
Well, today's blog was inspired by a recent purchase of mine at the Goodwill Store. 
I had recently gone to a funeral and on my way home, spotted a Goodwill.  I can never resist the search...especially at the moment...I am in search for some items to paint.  Well, this was a very fortunate day for me.  As I perused the aisles...picking up small items and inspecting them...searching the bake ware department looking for cake pans...I spotted something down at the end of the aisle in the furniture area.  Now I must tell you...I was not in the market for furniture...but this piece of furniture was screaming my name...there was the most beautiful rocking chair sitting in the midst of some raggedy looking pieces.  From a distance it looked pretty good and I assumed once I reached it...there surely would be something majorly wrong with it.....but to my surprise...it was in beautiful shape!!  Now, this is a solid wood rocking chair with a signature of the furniture company carved under the bottom of the seat.  I then imagined the price that might be on it...well, another surprise.   The chair cost a mere $6.99.  That chair got whipped up so fast it didn't know what hit it. 
So home I came with this rocking chair that I wasn't really in the market for...but I thought and thought for days about it.  Should I leave it as is, or do I paint it?  Deco Art has a brand new paint out that I just picked up at my nearest Home Depot!  The paint is Americana Chalky Décor.  I had recently purchased a butler's table that I wanted to use the paint on and here I am now with this rocking chair...so I decided that I would like to use the paint to do the chair...This paint will go right over most finishes and stains without stripping it down to raw wood.    Well, that settled the dilemma of what I am going to do with the chair.  I just wish the weather would get a little nice so I could take it outdoors to do...but no matter..it will get done. 
So the next thing that happened to me was a flash back in time and also a huge question in my mind. 
The flashback took me to my home growing up.  My Grandmother never sat in a normal chair.  In our kitchen...right next to the kitchen table sat her rocking chair.  If I close my eyes, I can still see her sitting there.  I remember through all the years, one of the gifts that was welcomed by her was a set of cushions for the chair.  They were always in 2 pieces...the top and the bottom and she would tie them on with the attached strings.  She would change them out for the different season.    I thought and thought about how she rocked baby after baby in that chair. 
I remember when I got married and was expecting my first child...the first thing I imagined in the nursery was a rocking chair.  I thought that was were I would put the rocking chair for those peaceful nights of gently rocking my baby to sleep.  Well, that worked well for the first few months and then my daughter took forever to get her to sleep, so the rocking chair then moved itself into the living room.  I would rocking and hum and simultaneously watch TV.  We couldn't afford to purchase a new Rocking chair back then, so it was one I found at a garage sale.  It got me through many days of rocking and then eventually gave out.  It was years before another rocking chair entered the house.  A new form of glider/rocker entered when my first granddaughter was born.  I spent many a days rocking her...or I should say gliding her to sleep.  Although it was a decent chair..it wasn't made the same as a good old wooden rocker.  Eventually it found it's way to the garbage after countless pieces of it began to fall apart when they couldn't be repaired. 
But now...here I am with a yearning for that rocking chair.  Every time I visit Shipshewana Indiana I gaze at them.  They are everywhere there.  I hum and haw about whether I should get one...which one would I want?  I never some home with one.  I never really could decide whether it was time for me to have a rocker...my grandchildren are all gone out of state.  What would I do with a rocking chair anyway?  And then, the rocking chair found me! 
At first I thought maybe it would be a nice gift for a baby shower if I painted it in the nursery colors and then the thought crossed my mind...would a new mother want an old style rocker?  Do mothers rock their babies anymore.  It seems that every new mother I know don't seem to want to do anything the old fashioned way.  Doctors today contradict all the things we used to do with babies years ago.  I wondered....and pondered the thought?  I had just recently spoke with a young mother who told me her baby was experiencing diarrhea problems because of the antibiotics she was on and I suggested giving her some yogurt...the baby is almost a year old.  She told me that her doctor told her not to introduce any milk products to the baby yet.  HMMM....I thought...we can give the baby antibiotics...but not milk?  I guess I am ready for the rocking chair...I must be old and outdated.  I remember, when all the doctors couldn't figure out what to do when my first granddaughter was sick and couldn't drink the formula's...I made one that I remembered that was used 40 years prior and it worked.  I started her on fruits and vegetables at 1 month and by the time she was 6 months old, one of her favorite foods was spinach pie rolls that I used to make just for her.  That granddaughter is turning 18 next month and has had the healthiest life ever!! 
The way that the mothers these days listen to the doctors before they listen to their babies is a little scary sometimes. But then again...that is just my opinion. 
I remember a long time ago, I stitched a wall hanging and still think of it these days.  I wish I would have kept it.  It was a picture of a rocking chair and a mother with child in it and it said
"Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow, cause babies grow up, I've learned to my sorrow.  So quiet quite down cobwebs and dust go to sleep...I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep".

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